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Past Lectures

The Glass Problem:
Changing and Challenging Material Definitions

Patrick Charbonneau (Chemical Physics)
Katherine Larson (Art, History, Archaeology)


Zombies: Monsters with Meaning

Arnold T. Blumberg (Zombie Scholar)
Robert Smith? (Mathematics)


Opening Space/s

Brenda Frye (Astronomy)
Ofrit Liviatan (Law and Politics)


Symmetry: Bach and Math

François Bergeron (Mathematics)
Jurgen Petrenko, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony



Minds in Machines: Comparing Biological and Synthetic Intelligence

Chris Eliasmith (Philosophy, Engineering, Computer Science)

Paul Thagard (Philosophy/Cognitive Science)


Movement Within Art and Math and Where It Takes Us

Edward Burger (Mathematics)

Victoria Star Varner (Fine Arts)


Touch: the science and culture of contact in more-than-human worlds

Amelia DeFalco (Medical Humanities)

India Morrison (Neuroscience)


Perfumery: the art and science of smell

Luca Turin (Biophysics)

Saskia Wilson-Brown (Arts)


Polar Projections: Conceptualizing and Rendering Arctic Spaces

Ruxandra Moraru (Mathematics)

P. Whitney Lackenbauer (History)


Beyond the Imitation Game - From Dieppe & James Bond to Blackberry & Quantum Encryption

Peter Berg (Mathematics)

David O'Keefe (History)


Recursion: the loops that make the world go round

J. Andrew Deman (English)

Josh Neufeld (Biology)

Naomi Nishimura (Computer Science)


Pattern finding – popular expression of transcendent ideas

Soheila Esfahan (Visual Art)

Matthew Scott (Mathematics)


Making Math Visible

George Hart (Mathematics)

Elisabeth Heathfield (Visual Art)


The Platonic solids as Tiffany lamps, art objects, and stepping-stones to higher dimensions

Carlo H. Séquin (Mathematics)

Hans Schepker (Visual Art)


Deep Surfaces: Geometrical Challenges in Digital Design

Benjamin Dillenburger (Architecture)

Daniel Hambleton (Mathematics)


Thinking Machines

Fiona Coll (English)

Bruce Pitman (Mathematics)


The Harmonograph

John Baez (Mathematics)

Anita Chowdry (Visual Art)


Mathematics, Music, and Visual Art

Nathan Selikoff (Visual Art)

Dmitri Tymoczko (Music and Mathematics)


The Forest and the Trees

Linda Carson (Art)

Craig S. Kaplan (Mathematics)


How to Hold a Beautiful Thing

Helen Bretzke (Drama, Computer Science)

Peter Taylor (Mathematics)


Mathematics and Democracy

Steven J. Brams (Politics)

Marc Kilgour (Mathematics)


Dancing the Math of Complex Systems

Sarah Tolmie (English)

Dawn Parker (Complex System)


What is Science and Why Should We Care?

James Robert Brown (Philosophy)

Alan Sokal (Science)


Mathematics and What it means to be Human

Michele Osherow (English)

Manil Suri (Mathematics)


Damn Lies, Truths, Statistics and History

Douglas Peers (History)

Don McLeish (Statistics)



In Time & Out of Tune: Some perspectives on consonance and dissonance

Thomas A. Ivey (Mathematics)

Ian Quinn (Music)


Quantum Computation and Phenomenological hermeneutics

Kieran Bonner (Sociology)

Michele Mosca (Mathematics)


Breaking Code(s): The Invasion of Normandy from Bletchley to the Beaches

Carol Acton (English)

Steven Furino (Mathematics)


Paradigm Shifts: Brecht and Galileo

Conrad Hewitt (Mathematics)

Ted McGee (English)


Getting Medieval with Math: Gerbert d'Aurillac and Nicolas Oresme, two beacons of light in the so-called Dark Ages

Steven Bednarski (History)

Benoit Charbonneau (Mathematics)


Dimensions of Transcendence

Benoit Charbonneau (Mathematics)

David Seljak (Religious Studies)


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