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Co-Registering with Waterloo and SJU
A Waterloo Degree with a Difference

Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business in your future? Elevate your studies by co-registering with St. Jerome’s University! You’ll remain a University of Waterloo student, but you’ll expand your exploration of the liberal arts by adding the extra SJU dimension.


Waterloo + SJU = dual identity

It’s as if you’ll acquire an alter ego. You’ll keep all of the privileges that go with your status as a Waterloo student, including earning a respected University of Waterloo Bachelor of Arts degree, but at the same time, you’ll also enjoy all of the bonus benefits of your SJU connections.


So what exactly is co-registration?

Remembering that “co” means “together” might help. You’ll be joining up the SJU factor with your already-great Waterloo Arts studies. Your courses and degree requirements won’t change, but SJU will look after your academic paperwork while you’re at Waterloo. And you’ll also be tapping into the “togetherness” element that goes along with making SJU your home base.


Small-college supportive atmosphere

Cross the creek on the busy main Waterloo campus, and step into the warm, cohesive ambience of the close-knit, liberal arts college that is St. Jerome’s University. It’s really a university within a university, but with a difference you can feel.

  • Holistic education – At SJU, we’re dedicated to polishing all facets of your brilliance – mind, body, heart, and spirit.
  • Community – What you’ll be very aware of is the pervading sense of belonging, of fitting in, of feeling at home. Community is the short description of the SJU mission, and building and strengthening it is the ultimate goal of every member.
  • Personal attention – SJU professors and staff operate from a deep, genuine desire to get to know you as an individual and assist you as you strive toward your goals. And our smaller class sizes create extra opportunities to participate and connect.
  • Friendly access -- Our open-door policy means you can feel comfortable dropping in on professors, academic advisors, and staff to ask your questions whenever their doors are open.
  • Global compassion – At the heart of the SJU values is a strongly held belief in the importance of paying forward your gifts and talents. Our Service Learning programs provide opportunities for you to contribute to local and international outreach projects that will teach you much about global challenges, but even more about your own strengths. 
  • Spiritual development – Whether your background is Catholic, non-Catholic, or non-religious, we’ll help you take a look at your beliefs and what it means to put them into action to address social justice issues.
  • Convenience: the gift of time – SJU has the most centrally located residence on campus. Co-registration can put you on the priority list to live where you’ll save countless bed-to-class minutes!


The plus factor

When you co-register with SJU, the advantages will be either equal to or greater than the ones that go with being a Waterloo student. So see how it works and do the math: 



Effect of Co-registration


You’ll be BOTH a Waterloo student


a St. Jerome’s student!

Student I.D.

Carry the same University of Waterloo student WatCard. 


Earn the same University of Waterloo degree.


Waterloo graduation ceremony


Special SJU ceremony


Benefit from the same full access to Waterloo’s world-class Co-operative Education program.

Campus services

All of Waterloo’s facilities and services – AccessAbility, Health, Counselling, Career Action, Student Success Office – and more


SJU Student Affairs, with a lower student-to-advisor ratio than on main campus


Waterloo Varsity teams and Campus Recreation programs


SJU intramural teams

Student activities

All Waterloo student organizations


More than150 SJU leadership roles and membership in the SJU House system

Student government

Waterloo Federation of Students


SJU Students’ Union


Any on-campus Waterloo residence or off-campus housing


Priority for a spot in the SJU Residence if you co-register and rank us number one on your residence ranking form


Select from the same choice of main-campus or SJU locations. SJU’s smaller classes are located no more than 10 minutes from the furthest main-campus building.

Admission requirements

SJU = Waterloo = the same admissions committee


SJU $$ = Waterloo $$ = the same tuition


President’s Scholarships of Distinction and President’s Scholarships are the same as the Waterloo version but are awarded by St. Jerome’s. You’ll also be eligible for the same Faculty of Arts and other University of Waterloo awards.


You’ll be considered for SJU Arts Entrance scholarships that begin at 85%, include more incremental amounts, and have a greater total dollar value than the main campus Merit Scholarships. You’ll also be eligible for additional special SJU scholarships. 

Entrance bursaries

Waterloo-registered and SJU-registered = the same Entrance Bursary


Combination effect

The sum is clearly greater than the individual parts. You’ll keep everything you’re already looking forward to as a Waterloo student, and gain a whole second world to add to it. It’s hard to see a downside! So you owe it to yourself to get answers to any questions you still have.



You can apply to co-register at any time during your Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business studies, whether you are an applicant, admitted, or accepted student. Or complete the form right now – we’ll coordinate all of the details with Waterloo on your behalf. We can’t wait to meet you!

Co-Register Now!

Please note that this form is for incoming applicants or newly admitted students. Current students already on campus should complete a Plan Modification Form.

Co-Registration Form

Please note that this form is for incoming applicants or newly admitted students. Current students already on campus should complete a Plan Modification Form.