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Reflecting on the past year…


These are exciting times for St. Jerome’s University as we celebrate new partnerships and governance structures as well as embark on our new infrastructure renewal plan.
We are a vibrant and diverse community that brings together academics, faith and student life.  Students from St. Jerome’s University come from many faith traditions, as well as reflect the secular values of our modern society.  We do not hide from difference, rather we learn to walk among diversity through education and understanding, promoting dignity and respect for all.
Our values are grounded in the almost 150-year old educational vision of our founding fathers of “harmonizing the education of the heart (emotions) with instructions of the mind by holding up the Gospel values of the love, truth, and justice as exemplified by Jesus for young people to admire.”
At St. Jerome’s University we will continue to offer an educational experience to our students where acquired wisdom resides not only in reasoning and intellect, but in the depth of their whole being – heart, mind and soul – so that we can truly work for a just society.We are committed to a holistic education, grounded in academic excellence through open academic inquiry in the liberal arts. Our faculty and staff are engaged in the life and well-being of our students, not just their scholastic education, giving shape to our students’ intellect, feelings, values, virtues, and spirit.

We hope that our students will be inspired to broaden their horizons, to see the world from many different perspectives, to cultivate their imagination and to empathize with the experiences, hopes and dreams of other people.  We hope that they will advocate for the common good, to have the courage to stand up for what is right, and to not just see the world as it is, but how it can be.
We encourage you to make St. Jerome’s University a part of your journey.
Dr. Katherine Bergman
President and Vice Chancellor



  • Katherine Bergman is the seventh President and Vice Chancellor of St. Jerome’s University.  The Board of Governors appointed Dr. Bergman effective August 1, 2012, recognizing her outstanding academic achievements and solid leadership skills. 
  • Image of Dr.Scott Kline As Vice President Academic and Dean
    As Vice President Academic and Dean, Dr. Kline is responsible for providing academic leadership and overseeing the administration of academic operations at St. Jerome’s University.