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Campus Master Planning
Imagine St. Jerome's University at 200. 1865-2065
Campus Master Planning
The St. Jerome’s Campus Master Plan seeks to shape the vision for our campus infrastructure over the next 25 years. This includes planning for all our buildings, grounds, public spaces, movement systems, and general infrastructure.  


The St. Jerome’s University Campus Master Plan is the collective result of broad consultations with various stakeholders and experts, and of the leveraged experience and expertise of the Campus Master Planning Committee’s diverse membership.  The outcome of the committee’s work is a Campus Master Plan that supports our academic and operational goals and ensures the long-term success of St. Jerome’s University. 


Building upon the vision of SJU, the committee aspires to develop a master plan which reflects SJU’s commitment to providing the broader SJU community with physical spaces to work, learn, and live. 


Campus Master Plan Project Charter

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Interested in helping to shape the future of St. Jerome’s University? Members of the public and our campus community are invited to provide general feedback as the university works towards developing its 2025-2050 Campus Master Plan.

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