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Allanah Pinhorn
University Communications Officer
519-884-8111 x 28224
University Communications
Who we are

The University Communications Officer, with support and guidance from the Office of the President, is responsible for publications and media communications within and external to St. Jerome’s University.

By promoting the University, and attending to the marketing and public relations needs, the Communications Department generates high-quality, targeted, and strategic communications that showcase the community, teaching, research, and outreach that St. Jerome’s University excels in.


What we do
We share the St. Jerome’s University stories with the greater community – be that in our own backyard, or halfway around the world.
Media Folder: 
  • We ensure our faculty’s research and teaching is not only shared with the world, but leverage properly for maximum exposure.
  • We highlight the amazing academic-based, service learning initiatives and programs at the University, showcasing our student’s successes and achievements within.
  • We create publications that standalone, highlighting our successes and students, professors and staff, while maintaining a magazine feel.
  • We arrange interviews and faculty, staff, and students, and assist media with finding the correct story, expert, or angle.
  • We assist with interview preparedness for faculty, staff, and University community members, especially for media coverage, sensitive issues, or emergency preparedness.
  • We coordinate photographic needs and shoots for major events and publications.
  • We house all University promotional event materials for sign-out use.
  • We manage the St. Jerome’s University website, which is the primary source of institutional events and news, highlighting note-worthy and captivating stories.
  • We assist in the planning and management of communications developed for individual departmental needs, targeted towards the correct audience, using a variety of tones selected for effectiveness.
  • We oversee all visual and external written content coming from the University, to ensure proper usage and a consistent tone and look.


University Logos & Colours
Pantone and CMYK numbers are used for print applications: stationery, newsletters, posters, etc. Screens of the pantones listed below are also acceptable as accent colours and watermarks.
RGB and Hex numbers are for digital use, Word and Excel documents, web, and email.

The St. Jerome's University logo is the official mark of the institution. You may not alter it. Horizontal logo is perferred.





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Media Folder: 

Please note: our Pantone code is changing and will be updated as soon as it is finalized. Please contact the University Communications Officer in the meantime for Pantone usage.

Visual & Written Style Guide
We adhere to high standards for research and service, and similar rigour is required in all of our University-related communications.
The visual identity standards for St. Jerome’s University are specific rules that are meant to reinforce and project a consistently strong and distinguished image.
Following these standards will allow us to enjoy a unified look in communications across our campus community, and promote a consistent identity to other academic institutions, prospective students, current students, our alumni, and the external community.
An important element in creating a unified appearance for all corporate materials is the consistent use of fonts for stationery, signage, publications and electronic media. Using these elements allows for flexibility and variety in the expression of communications, while maintaining St. Jerome’s University’s distinctive look.
Please note: As of this time there are no official fonts for swag or merchandise purposes. Please contact the University Communications Officer to discuss any proposed designs.


University Publications


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Annual Report
















Strategic Plan


Articulation of Our Identity with University of Waterloo
In 1957, St. Jerome’s University co-founded the University of Waterloo, and in 1960 entered a federated partnership. The partnership often necessitates co-branding of the two institutions on communication materials. It is expected that communication materials created for St. Jerome’s University will highlight our identity while also respecting our connection to the University of Waterloo. Consult the Communications Officer for advice on how to balance this relationship.
There is a St. Jerome’s Univeristy Historical Relationship Identifier Logo, for use when the logo appears in isolation of any other visual or written context that outlines our relationship with the University of Waterloo. Sponsorship is a good example. This variation of the logo should only be used after consulting with the Department of Communications.


Media Folder: 



Media Resources
The Communications Department strives to maintain excellent relations with our local media, and are here to help connect them with the correct story, expert, or quote. If you are a member of the media, do not hesitate to contact the University Communications Officer, for any level of request. They will assist personally, or direct you to the correct contact to ensure success.
Waterloo’s Expert Guide
The University of Waterloo has a fantastic database of experts - including staff and faculty - available for interview and questioning. The will provide “information, analysis, or a considered opinion” on varying topics.
The views and opinions expressed by experts do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Waterloo or St. Jerome’s University.
Media Parking
Parking passes are available for members of the media visiting campus. This will be addressed and coordinated prior to your arrival at the University.
Please note: Visitors must coordinate with the department they are visiting to receive a parking pass; please contact reception if you are having difficulty coordinating your visit.
All other inquiries 
We are always looking for stories to share with our community. If you have a story, news, research, or an event you’d like to share with us, or the media, please do not hesitate to make contact. We can help!