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Carol Ann MacGregor
Vice President Academic and Dean
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Welcome to the Human Sciences Program

Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach to education rooted in the liberal arts tradition. As the name itself suggests, it is the science of the human realm, the investigation of the fundamental aspects of being human. The aim of the Human Sciences program is to deepen one’s awareness of and sensibility for the complexities and richness of the human condition. To this end the Human Sciences incorporates the views from a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, such as literature, philosophy, history, theology, sociology, psychology, and political science.


The pedagogical paradigm for the Human Sciences program is that of the dialogue. What is essential here is the constructive interaction of different views and perspectives on important issues affecting human beings. From the dialogical structure of learning students develop a robust understanding of core ideas that have shaped Western civilization and are furthermore enriched by the confrontations with different points of view.