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Undergraduate Studies - Sociology and Legal Studies
Students in Legal Studies explore everything from lawmaking to sentencing, develop critical thinking skills, and rethink what it means to “practice” law in the everyday. Legal Studies at St. Jerome’s University is an interdisciplinary program with an active student body and is offered in partnership with the University of Waterloo. Legal Studies courses taught at St. Jerome’s University include the following:
  •     LS 101: Introduction to Legal Studies
  •     LS 202: Criminal Law
  •     LS 286: Law in Popular Culture                                           
  •     LS 386: Law and Violence LS 401 Law, Culture, and Rights
  •     LS 402: Legal Subjectivity and Authority  
Other Legal Studies courses taught by St. Jerome's University faculty that are cross-listed include:  
LS/SOC 229 Selected Topics in Criminology
LS/SOC 327 Policing in a Democratic Society
LS/HIST 236 Law and Society in the Middle Ages
LS 235/HIST 210 History of Ancient Law
LS 291/ENGL 210I Legal Writing
LS 292/ENGL 213 Literature and the Law
LS 351/PHIL 327 Philosophy of Law
LS 272/PSYCH 230 Psychology and Law
LS 372/PSYCH 330 Criminal Profiling

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, and focus on a qualitative and interpretive approach with quantitative research playing its role as well. Sociology courses offered at St. Jerome’s University include: 
  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 229: Selected Topics in Criminology
  • SOC 327: Policing in a Democratic Society
  • SOC 355J: Power and Parenting
  • SOC 369J: Sociology of Community
  • SOC 450J: Alcohol, Grey Zone, Well-Being
To learn more about the courses offered by St. Jerome's University's Department of Sociology and Legal Studies please visit FIND YOUR COURSES and enter SOC or LS under the Subject prompt.

For more information on academic plans please visit the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar pages for Sociology and for Legal Studies.