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Welcome to the Department of Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies

Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies (SMF) provides students with opportunities to explore the research and theory about human sexuality and relationships from a wide range of disciplines and across the humanities and social sciences.


Many courses in SMF promote interdisciplinary scholarship, and adopt a social justice perspective that challenges students to think critically about often overlooked subjects: human interactions within relational, sexual, and societal contexts;  basic anatomical knowledge and sexual health; the formation and maintenance of relationships; parenting skills; the impact of culture on sexual and family-related values, ideas, and attitudes; the impact of media on our understanding of gender, sexuality, and relationships; sexuality education; attitudes toward sexualities; the effects of pornography on societal attitudes; family conflict and its escalation to violence; sexual problems or difficulties; and couple, family, and sex therapy.


This provides an excellent foundation for historical, theoretical, and ethical discussions around many exciting topics, such as the role of major discourses (e.g., media, law, medicine, religion) in shaping our perspectives on sexuality and relationships, the ways that our identities are formed and how these shape our interactions in the world, and the role of education around sexuality and relationships in Canada and the broader global context.


October 4, 2022 - AMTD Global Talent Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin develops new research and tools to help people revalue femininity. READ MORE


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SMF Advising and Student Support

SMF majors and minors, check out the online SMF Student Advising Resources!

2024 Academic Achievement Awards

Congratulations to 2024 graduate Jayden Bousfield for achieving the highest academic achievement in the Department of Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies.

Upcoming Events



The 11th Annual SMF Research Symposium will take place on Wednesday April 10, 2024.


The SMF department invites proposals for presentations on any topic related to sexualities, relationships, or families.


Student undergraduate and graduate proposals are particularly encouraged.


Please submit your 200-300 word abstract by February 16, 2024 to Dr. Carl Rodrigue, Assistant Professor in SMF:


Sexual Attitude Reassessment Program

SMF is pleased to offer its first Sexual Attitude Reassessment program on June 1st and June 2nd, 2024. Please click here for more information and to register.