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BJ Rye
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Psychology Research

St. Jerome's University has made its reputation over the years mainly through the excellence of its teaching. However, its contribution to the University of Waterloo and to higher learning in general also takes the form of strong scholarship and original research. Without this on-going work, university teaching at the University would be less rich and meaningful than it is.


Within the Department of Psychology, some of the research areas include, but are not limited to :

  • School-to-school and school-to-work transitions (Maureen Drysdale)
  • Mental health and overall wellbeing of emerging adults (Maureen Drysdale)
  • The benefits and challenges of participating in work-integrated learning (e.g., co-op) (Maureen Drysdale)
  • Love and compassion (Chris Burris, John Rempel)
  • Religion, spirituality, and atheism (Chris Burris)
  • “Evil” and problematic human motives such as greed and hate (Chris Burris, John Rempel)
  • Attitudes toward sexual minority groups (BJ Rye)
  • Sexually controversial issues (Abortion, sexual offending, & BDSM) (BJ Rye)
  • The sexual self: sexual identity and sexual self-concept (BJ Rye)


Find out more about the research of our Psychology professors:

Click here to find out more about Dr. Drysdale's Mental Health and School-to-Work Transitions lab.