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BJ Rye
BJ Rye
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

PhD, University of Western Ontario

MA, University of Western Ontario

BA Honours (With Distinction), St. Thomas University


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I am an Associate Professor in the Psychology department at St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo. I completed my graduate studies at Western University with a PhD in Social Psychology focussing on AIDS preventive behaviour of women.  My current research and teaching explores various aspects of sexuality: My published work focuses on attitudes toward sexual minorities and related issues (e.g., same-sex adoption, LGBT people) and attitudes surrounding controversial sexual topics (e.g., BDSM, abortion, people who offend sexually). Additionally, my research interests include sexual self-concept and sexual identity.  I have taught many sexuality-related courses such as introduction to human sexuality, psychological perspectives on gender and sex, and psychosexual organization. 


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.



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Hovey, A., Rye, B.J., George, E., Scott, S., & Chambers, L. (2023).  Impact of children’s presence on police responses to intimate partner violence calls.  Journal of Child Maltreatment, 28(3), 476-487 DOI: 10.1177/10775595221147315


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Rye, B.J., Serafini, T., & Bramberger, T.R. (2015).  Erotophobic or erotophilic: What are young women's attitudes toward BDSM? Psychology & Sexuality, 6(4), 340-356. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19419899.2015.1012108


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Rye, B.J., Meaney, G.J., Yessis, J., & McKay, A.  (2012). Uses of the "Comfort with Sexual Matters for Young Adolescents" scale: A measure of erotophobia-erotophilia for youth. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 21(2), 91-100



St. Jerome's University Faculty Research Grant Program (2004-2009, 2013-2016)
University of Waterloo’s Learning Initiatives Fund (2005-2006)


PSYCH 236: A Psychological Analysis of Human Sexuality

PSYCH 318: Psychosexual Organization
PSYCH 499 A/B/C: Thesis
PSYCH 484/485: Directed Studies


SMF 204: Introduction to Human Sexuality
SMF 305: Social Issues and Controversies in Human Sexuality
SMF 499A/B: Thesis


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member's work.


Editorial board member of the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality and Psychology and Sexuality

Member, American Psychological Association – Division 44
Member, Canadian Psychological Association - Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues Division
Member, Canadian Sex Research Forum
Member, Sex Education and Information Council of Canada
Member, Society for the Scientific Study of Sex


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