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St. Jerome's University
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Who Are We?

Welcome to St. Jerome’s University, a university within a university!

Hugging a creek bank at the core of the University of Waterloo, SJU offers a small-college oasis in the midst of the bustling main campus. For more than 150 years, we’ve been nurturing students’ hearts, minds, and spirits.


Double your educational opportunities

What’s on your university shopping list?

  • The range of programs, cutting-edge facilities, reputation, and career outcomes you’ll find at a large, world-class institution?
  • Or a small-college atmosphere where you won’t be lost in the crowd?

At St. Jerome’s University you can have both worlds at the same time! You’ll also be a Waterloo student, earning a University of Waterloo degree, with full access to everything on the main campus.


How the SJU-Waterloo connection works

You can belong to the SJU community in two ways:

  • Register through SJU for Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business.
  • Live in the SJU residence, which is open to all Waterloo students.

Of course if you’re in one of the Arts programs, you could do both!


Connecting tradition with tomorrow

St. Jerome’s University draws on its Catholic tradition of promoting free intellectual inquiry. But everyone – Catholic, non-Catholic, or non-religious – is invited to join the dynamic debate, to examine ideas in depth, and then to build on them to inspire action that will create a brighter world future.