Student Leadership
Image of a teacher guiding some students
Leadership Opportunities
The added “extra” in extracurricular
Consider taking on a leadership role, and up your university experience to the nth degree! It’s a great way to give back while you build a repertoire of supervisory and management skills that will make your résumé sparkle.
Find your leadership niche
If you find you’re inspired to pay forward the caring and support you’ll enjoy every day at St. Jerome’s, a mind-bending array of challenging, exciting possibilities awaits you – more than 100, in fact! Take a look at the range of options:
  • Peer Academic Leader (PAL): Volunteer to share what you’ve learned by working with St. Jerome’s Student Success Office. Help new students get a grip on university academics by facilitating study skills workshops and other student success and engagement programs.
Campus life
  • Student Activities Team (SAT): Join a team that provides diverse, interest-based, appealing programming for all SJU students throughout the school year. Be one of the smiling, welcoming faces that greet new students.
  • Assistant Activities Coordinator (AAC): Act as a role model as you work with and oversee an SAT team to plan, promote, coordinate, and execute student activities.
  • Experience Guide: Share your SJU story with prospective students and their families while conducting personalized tours. Enhance your community involvement, your knowledge of marketing and recruitment, and your personal and professional development.
  • Don: Guide, advisor, lifeline. Party planner, off-campus outing organizer. Go-to Wikipedia of residence and campus life, and your personal live-in support system. In your upper years, you can apply to become a Don and contribute to the high quality of SJU residence life.
  • Community Advisor (CA): Take the next step up in residence leadership, and add broader operational and administrative responsibilities to your duties as an experienced Don.
Campus Ministry
  • Student Peer Minister: Whatever your faith, demonstrate your commitment to building a spirit-based community through your daily interactions. Explore your own beliefs while you lead a team of students who prepare and present liturgies and activities.
  • Student Music Director: Select the music, organize and run practices, and conduct the choir.
Student government
  • St. Jerome’s Students’ Union: Get involved in student governance and be a voice for SJU students.
Twice the choice
As with all aspects of your university life, the St. Jerome’s advantage also means maximizing your leadership potential – because positions in Waterloo’s main-campus student organizations will also be open to you. So scout out the right fit – investing the time and effort to inspire others pays huge dividends!