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I Have Accepted My Offer to SJU
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I Have Accepted My Offer to SJU
Welcome to SJU!

We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to join us in the fall! Whether you’ve accepted your offer in June or made your decision earlier, we want you to know what you can look forward to between June and September.


Just for SJU students

We’re getting ready to welcome you into the SJU community, and we’ve planned special events and programs to help you feel at home even before you start your studies.

  • You’ll see September Orientation events on the list for all Waterloo students to anticipate, but at St. Jerome’s University we add an extra dimension – our Orientation Investiture Ceremony. At that time we’ll take the warm SJU welcome you’ll experience every day and make it official by presenting you with your own SJU pin to celebrate the beginning of your new university life and your full membership in the SJU community


For all Waterloo students

You’ll want to take a look at these upcoming opportunities and reminders about items you’ll need to check off your list:


For international students