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Mission, Vision, & History
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Mission, Vision, & History
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about St. Jerome’s University you’ll find right here! Quick facts, stats, where we come from, and maybe even something fun.


Who are we?
St. Jerome's University registers full-time and part-time students in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo. Students enjoy the advantages of a small, vigorous academic community while having access to all courses, facilities, and services of the University of Waterloo and its affiliated University Colleges: Conrad Grebel, Renison, and United College.
The University offers its students a wide range of courses informed by the latest scholarly research, and supports their educational efforts with academic counselling, scholarships, and bursaries, administrative services, library resources, information technology, and residences. The campus is also a centre for a vibrant Catholic community in the region.
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Our Mission
St. Jerome’s University is a public Roman Catholic university
federated with the University of Waterloo and historically associated
with the educational vision of the Congregation of the Resurrection.
We are committed to learning and academic excellence; the gospel
values of love, truth, and justice; and the formation of leaders for the
service of the community and the Church. In all of our activities and
practices, St. Jerome’s University functions within the context of the
Roman Catholic tradition and the principles of academic freedom.
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Our Vision
At St. Jerome’s University we steward each students’ unique talents,
nurture their ability to think critically, and inspire them to become
life-long learners who seek knowledge and truth, act with compassion,
and advocate for human dignity for all.
We educate our students to become informed, courageous citizens
who have the humility to work together for the common good and
the courage to lead by example to build a more just society.
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Our History
St. Jerome's University, like most institutions and religious
establishments, had a very humble beginning. In 1865, two years before
Canada achieved nationhood, St. Jerome's College was founded by
the Reverend Dr. Louis Funcken, of the Congregation of the Resurrection.
Over the years, the College grew in size and occupied various locations
in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
In 1959, through an Act of the Ontario Legislature, St. Jerome's College
was granted independent university status. The name was changed to
the University of St. Jerome's College to reflect new university powers
and the authority to grant degrees. As an independent university,
St. Jerome's College entered into federation with the newly established
University of Waterloo.
Given the federation, St. Jerome’s University graduates receive a
University of Waterloo degree, as St. Jerome’s University holds in
abeyance its degree-granting privilege, except for degrees in theology.
In 1998, the University of St. Jerome's College officially and legally changed
its name to St. Jerome's University.
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Relation to University of Waterloo
Founded in 1865, St. Jerome’s University became a university in 1959
through an Act of the government of Ontario. Within a year, the University
agreed to a federation with the new University of Waterloo. St. Jerome’s University
enrolls students in Faculty of Arts.
All its students must fulfill the admission, promotion, and graduation
requirements of the University of Waterloo. St. Jerome’s students
enjoy courses offered at the University of Waterloo, and access to all campus
resources as part of their education experience, and UWaterloo students
regularly take courses at St. Jerome’s University.
Students registering here enjoy all the benefits of being part of a small,
welcoming community at the heart of a world-renowned university,
and students graduate with a University of Waterloo degree.

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