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Carol Ann MacGregor
Vice President Academic and Dean
519-884-8111 x 28205
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Academic Plan - In Development

Academic Planning is currently in progress.


Three broad thematic areas of focus have been identified, and each focus area will be further explored in a working group of 4-6 volunteers. These groups are:


  1. Keeping Our Promises and Living Our Mission
    • Chair - Carol Ann MacGregor, Vice President Academic and Dean
    • Members:
      • Michelle Metzger
      • Andrew Stumpf
      • Cristina Vanin
      • David Williams
  2. Leveraging and Integrating Our Strengths to Reach New Audiences
    • Chair - Veronica Austen, Associate Dean
    • Members:
      • Serena Catania
      • Emily Litster
      • Zeke Schneider
      • David Seljak
      • Jessica Vorsteveld
      • Denise Whitehead
  3. Enriching Lives through Research
    • Chair - Dr. Anastasia Tataryn, Research Officer
    • Members:
      • Steven Bednarski
      • Susan Brophy
      • Roberta Cauchi-Santoro
      • Angela Underhill


This space will be updated with an updated plan in early 2023.