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Undergraduate Studies - Philosophy
Students co-registered at St. Jerome’s University have access to all the Philosophy programs from our degree-granting institution, the University of Waterloo. The flexibility of the programs gives students the possibility to choose from a wide array of courses, whether they be offered on main campus, at St. Jerome’s University or in some cases at both locations. Philosophy classes at St. Jerome’s University are usually smaller in size and tend to take a more traditional and classical approach to the discipline.
Please contact the Academic Advisor for information regarding program requirements and courses.
To learn more about the courses offered by the St. Jerome's University Department of Philosophy, please visit FIND YOUR COURSES and select PHIL under the Subject prompt.
For an overview of the Philosophy programs (Three-Year General, Four-Year General, Honours, Honours [Arts and Business profile, Co-op and Regular], Honours Double Major, and Minor), consult the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar.
For a comprehensive list of all PHIL courses offered, consult the Schedule of Classes for Undergraduate Students.