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18 Jun, 2021
02:00 pm
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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Complementing core courses such as Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, and Psychopathology, St. Jerome's University Psychology students can take advantage of faculty members’ expertise in topics such as educational psychology, adolescence and emerging adulthood, learning disabilities, human sexuality, the psychology of evil, death and dying, close relationships, psychology and the law, criminal profiling, and the psychology of good.


Students can also explore opportunities for gaining first-hand research experience, as well as developing their observational and analytical skills for addressing complex individual, relational, and societal issues.

2020 Academic Achievement Award

Congratulations to 2020 graduate Sarah Lynn Doyle for achieving the highest academic achievement in the Department of Psychology. The award was announced as part of the "A Message for Our Graduates" video uploaded to the website, further to the cancellation of this year's Graduation Ceremony. We look forward to celebrating all Academic Achievement Award recipients at the 2020 Graduation Celebration Reunion, taking place on Saturday, May 1, 2021.