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07 Oct, 2021
06:00 pm
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Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies

We explore the world’s religions from a variety of perspectives, including their intersection with politics, economics, and social development. Our professors are particularly interested in how religion participates in modern questions regarding politics and social justice, peace-making and international relations, the ecological crisis, social values, sexual ethics, theology, and popular culture.


Religious Studies at St. Jerome’s University extends far beyond campus. Our Religious Studies faculty are actively involved in a number of service-learning programs, such as our Beyond Borders Program, which provides students with university credit for integrating an international work placement with their academic study.


Classes are open to all students who wish to investigate the “big” questions of life; professors specialize in contemporary Christianity and Roman Catholicism, but also teach Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, and other faiths.

2021 Academic Achievement Award

Congratulations to 2021 graduate Devan Munn for achieving the highest academic achievement in the Department of Religious Studies.