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St. Jerome's University Academic Staff Association
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Academic Staff Association (SJU ASA)

St. Jerome’s University’s Human Resources department is committed to supporting and promoting the welfare of the academic staff and the work of the Academic Staff Association (SJU ASA), while focusing on the good of the University as a whole. The SJU ASA works cooperatively with all external agencies, including the University’s administration and Board of Governors, toward the common goal of making St. Jerome’s University a better place to work and learn.


What does the SJU ASA do?

  • bargains collectively on behalf of academic staff at the University,
  • protects academic freedom while advancing teaching, research, and other pursuits of the academic staff,
  • promotes collegial governance, and
  • safeguards the academic integrity of the University.

Find Out More

Visit the St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association website for a comprehensive summary of topics related to the collective agreement between the association and St. Jerome’s University, or email the SJU ASA’s president at stjeromes.asa@gmail.com


Collective Agreements of the SJU ASA
Academic Staff
Academic Staff