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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
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St. Jerome's University's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is embedded in the fifth commitment in the "Our Culture" section of its Strategic Plan, Building on Tradition, 2016-2021. In October 2017, St. Jerome's University and other members endorsed the Universities Canada seven Inclusive Excellence Principles as part of their ongoing commitment to advance equity, diversity and inclusion. At the same time, Universities Canada (UC) committed to a five-year action plan to support members’ progress. UC’s Report was released in late October 2019.


One of the seven Inclusive Excellence Principles highlights the need for universities to develop EDI action plans. To make good on this commitment, the SJU community is engaging in a three-phase process.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Phases
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Phase 1 box
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The Working Group will take an inventory of current EDI initiatives at SJU, identify current institutional strengths and challenges, review promising practices, and formulate baseline recommendations to be used in the development of SJU’s action plan.








Phase 2
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The development of the SJU EDI action plan. That work will be spearheaded by the President’s Advisory Group, which will be formed once the initial phase has been completed.








Phase 3
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The implementation and assessment phase, which will be administered by the Administrative Leadership Group.





Terms of Reference

Mandate and Scope

During Phase 2: Development of an Action Plan, the President’s Advisory Group will focus on the recommendations made in the Working Group’s Phase 1: Final Report and Recommendations to develop a SJU EDI Action Plan.


General Duties and Responsiblities

The general duties and responsibilities of the Advisory Group are the following:

•    To review the Working Group’s Phase 1: Report and Recommendations and
      respond to action items coming from that report.
•    To draft an EDI action plan to submit to the President.


•    Carol Ann MacGregor, Vice President Academic & Dean (Co-chair) 
•    Mike Gourlay, Executive Director of Finance and Administration (Co-chair)
•    Bruce Rodrigues, Chancellor, St. Jerome’s University
•    Tammy Webster, Indigenous Educator, Waterloo Catholic District School Board
•    Jessica Vorsteveld, Director of Student Affairs
•    Jenny Fu, Student Representative
•    Leslie Moss, Student Representative
•    Michelle Metzger (Staff Rep)
•    Anastasia Tataryn (Faculty Rep)
•    Diana Lobb (CAS Rep)
•    Cristina Vanin (Committee Resource)



The Advisory Group will be working over the next few months to develop the EDI Action Plan.

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