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Past Lectures

We apologize that the recordings of lectures from the 2020-2021 series are not currently available.


Shake Hands With The Devil

Lt. General(Ret.) Romeo Dallaire


Women and Worship

Sr. Miriam Martin, P.B.B.M., Ph.D.


How Do I Hate Thee?

Christopher T. Burris, Ph.D.


The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness

Karen Armstrong


Growing Up in a School of Love

Fr. Joseph G. Schner, S.J., Ph.D., C.Psyc.


Plurality and Difference in an Unstable World

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.P.P.S., Ph.D.


Understanding “Terrorists” and “Martyrs”: Personal Encounters with Religious Militants

Cynthia Mahmood, Ph.D.


The Birth of a Catholic University: St Jerome’s and the Kingsdale Years

Fr. James A. Wahl, C.R., Ph.D.


Living the Interface between Faith and Politics

Preston Manning


Pain and the Soul

Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, Ph.D.

Lorraine I. Ferguson


Holiness and Spirituality: Are they Mutually Exclusive?

Rabbi Dow Marmur


The Word From Rome: The Next Pope and the Future of the Church

John L. Allen Jr.


God and the Gun: Religion and Violence in Ireland

Danine Farquharson, Ph.D.


Separate Schools/Separate Communities? Pluralism and Education in Canada

Lois Sweet


Plurality and Difference in an Unstable World

Fr. Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S., Ph.D.


The Ten Commandments: A Theology for Business Leaders

John Dalla Costa, M.Div.


Enthusiasm for Truth: The St. Jerome's Story

Kenneth McLaughlin, Ph.D.


Justice and Compassion in Canadian Health Reform

Dr. Nuala Kenny, O.C., M.D.


In Defence of Nonconformity: Liberal Arts in the 21st Century

Dr. Terry Downey, President, St. Mary’s College, Calgary


On Carrying a Scandal Biblically

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, Ph.D.


The Birth of Men as Fathers

Rev. Ed Hampson, Ph.D.


Public Life and Faith in Canada

The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark


Psalms of the Children: Their Songs and Laments

Dr. Ursula Anderson, M.D., D.P.H., D.C.H, M.R.C.S., F.A.A.P.


Holiness, Wholeness, and Authentic Spirituality for Today

Fr. Mark Curtis


Whither the Catholic Church? Pre-Millenial Dreams

Michael Fahey, S.J.


The Reality of Nicaragua Today

Fr. Miguel D’Escoto


Politics as Art: A Christian Perspective

Dr. Terrence Downey


Dancing For God

Alexandra Caverly-Lowery


Passion and Faith: the Gospel Imperative to Risk

Fr. Gregory HJumbert


Birth and War: Why Do We Tell Stories

Carolyn Whitney-Brown


Synod on the Formation of Priests: A Personal Reflection

Dr. Douglas Letson


Poor in Spirit

Albert Nolan, O.P.


Christians in Polictics

Gérard Pelletier


Cardinal Newman: A Century of Influence

Dr. Michael Higgins


Anglicans and Roman Catholics: Future Directions

Fr. Jean-Marie Tillard, O.P.


A Feminist Approach to Judaism

Rabbi Elyse Goldstein


Faith and Public Service

Hon. David MacDonald, P.C. L.L.D


The Unobscured Jesus

Tom Harper