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15 Aug, 2021
10:30 am
29 Aug, 2021
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Since 1982, St. Jerome’s University has offered Lectures in Catholic Experience to our local community, providing opportunities for us to engage with the critical issues of our time. We have invited scholars, activists, experts, and religious leaders to address subjects in the areas of religion and politics, spirituality, health care, international relations and human rights, ecological responsibility, religious pluralism, ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, religion and the media, and others.

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Lectures in Catholic Experience—like all on-campus, public gatherings–were put on hiatus this past year. We were excited however, to sponsor a series of online lectures  called Hope in the Time of COVID!


Image of Dr. David Seljak
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A Message from the Lectures in Catholic Experience Coordinator
David Seljak
Professor of Religious Studies

While vaccines may bring optimism for return to “normal” life, hope is different. Hope is the certainty rooted in faith that, despite the challenges we face, life has meaning, purpose, and direction. Hope is possible even as circumstances worsen. Hope means that we can love even as we struggle. We can grow even as we suffer. Whatever happens, we cannot be separated from the love of the God of life. One day this pandemic will end. The need for a faith-filled, loving, hopeful community committed to justice, liberation, and the common good will not. Indeed as circumstances around the world worsen, as chaos, confusion and nihilism grow, the need for hope will only increase. Our 2021 Lectures in Catholic Experience were offered as part of the call to hope.


The series began on March 17th, featuring David Perrin, PhD, who addressed the topic, The Collapse of Self-Transcendence: COVID-19 and Meaning-Making in Everyday Life. Click here to read his published article on the topic. SJU's President and Vice Chancellor Peter Meehan followed on April 23rd, with Progressive or Conservative? Archbishop Pocock and the Renewal of the Church in Canada. On May 14th, we welcomed Professor Carol Duncan from the Department of Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University to speak about The Black Church in Canada.  No Power Higher: 12-step Recovery without God completed the series on June 11th, presented by Zachary Munro, Doctoral Candidate, University of Waterloo / Researcher for Non-religion in a Complex Future Project. The recorded versions of each of these lectures will be available using the links provided once post-production has been completed.


We look forward to sharing the 2021-2022 Lectures in Catholic Experience programming with you. To make sure that you are the first to learn about LCE lectures, please join our mailing list here.

All lectures at St. Jerome’s University are provided on a complimentary basis. Please note that the registration process has been waived for lectures being provided online as part of  "Hope in the Time of COVID".

The Lectures in Catholic Experience take place in the Vanstone Lecture Hall, Academic Centre (SJ2), located at St. Jerome's University. Click here for detailed location and map information. The campus is currently closed due to COVID-19 and all lectures are being offered online ONLY through Microsoft Teams.



Complimentary parking is available in Lots A and B at St. Jerome’s University. Pay for parking is also available within walking distance of the Academic Centre.




Thank you to the individuals and organizations that make the Lectures in Catholic Experience series possible each year. We are grateful for your support and in particular acknowledge the ongoing commitment of the following:


            Congregation of the Resurrection
            Family and Friends of Laurence A. Cummings
            Family and Friends of Ken Devlin
            Family and Friends of John Sweeney
            Family and Friends of John J. Wintermeyer
            Friends of Michael W. Higgins
            Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loretto Sisters)
            Jesuits of Canada
            Patrons of the Lectures in Catholic Experience
            Scarboro Missions
            Spalding Family
            Waterloo Catholic District School Board


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