2023 Advancement Impact Report
A Message from Advancement
The words thank you can sometimes lose their meaning. I use thank you every day in many different ways with different people. A thank you can be an acknowledgement, a form of expressing gratitude, or honouring someone. 
The best way to make an impact with a thank you is to explain the 'why' behind it. This is what I hope to do with this message. 
Thank you to you, our generous and kind supporters. Your donations help St. Jerome's students; they help provide opportunities and create possibilities for our students. As a catalyst for students, you are providing the next generation of leaders with the opportunity to succeed and become the kind of leaders ourHayley Winters society and the world need. At St. Jerome's University, we prioritize holistic education, emphasizing social justice and caring for the common good - educating the whole person. Each student receives a quality education emphasizing these values, enabling them to reach their potential and guiding them throughout their post-secondary journey.
As part of this community, I see this in many ways; it happens with current students and our student leaders - I hear their stories and experiences firsthand. I see this by connecting with our alumni; many have stayed in contact over the years and are true to St. Jerome's mission. I see this through my colleagues, through the projects and events they organize and plan. 
Thank you for your generous support of St. Jerome's vision to provide mission-driven education. Over this past year, your active stewardship has directly supported student scholarships, student mental health and wellness, our Catholic mission and identity and our Service-Learning Programs.
Fundraising Priority: Student Scholarships
Student scholarships have been the area of most need and a critical priority to support over the last year. Those who attended this year's Feast of St. Jerome would have heard from Carol Ann MacGregor, Vice President Academic and Dean, as she shared that, "Even with a 10% cut to domestic tuition in 2019, we know it is getting harder and harder for students, even those from middle-class families with some educational savings, to go away from home to attend university. The costs of food and housing are felt acutely by students, and working a minimum wage job over the summer or using money earned during a co-op term is unlikely to prevent someone from needing to take on debt – debt that for the Ontario portion of a loan now needs to be paid back at interest rates that haven't been seen in decades."
Overall, concerns about finances will likely prevent some students from pursuing the transformational opportunities offered through experiential and service-learning. They often have to choose between these transformative experiences or working part-time at an off-campus job to sustain themselves from semester to semester. Scholarships can lighten the burden and allow students to get the immersive student experience that university offers, especially here at St. Jerome's University.
Various fundraising activities focus on generating much-needed scholarship funds - the annual and monthly donations from our giving donors, our annual holiday appeal and the Feast of St. Jerome. Thank you to our monthly supporters! Our holiday appeal was a tremendous success last year, generating over $30,000, a 131% increase over the previous year. Each year, we award over 330 scholarships.
Thank you for helping support students like Olywn in pursuing a quality Catholic Education. 
Olwyn Mary Croke Bell
"Since joining St. Jerome's last fall, I have come to admire the welcoming and empathetic community it is home to. I am convinced that ordinary people can bring about extraordinary change by working together on goals benefiting the larger community, and I have witnessed that firsthand at St. Jerome's. Here, student growth is fostered by the environment, which intentionally facilitates and encourages community engagement. It is truly a school that serves its people, and I am proud to be a part of it. While reflecting on my time here at St. Jerome's, I must also thank all of you who contributed to my being here today. When deciding what school I would attend for my undergraduate degree, I had to consider the financial burden I would be undertaking. If not for the President's Scholarship I received from St. Jerome's, I would not have attended this University. By being here today, you all contributed to the same fund from which I received that scholarship, which continues to sponsor the growth of students. I am grateful for your support and its integral role in my decision to attend this University."
- Second-year student studying English Literature and Visual Culture
Fundraising Priority: Mental Health & Wellness
There has been excellent work within our mental health and wellness priority over the last couple of years. We have established the Wellness Implementation Team (WIT) which is a partnership between Student Affairs and the Well-Link Lab.
The Wellness Implementation Team (WIT) brings together the talents of our staff in Student Affairs, who work daily to support students’ well-being and the research expertise of the Well-Link lab led by Dr. Maureen Drysdale—an internationally recognized psychologist whose research focuses on university students. Together, this group is responsible for acting on the recommendations of the McMurray Report commissioned by SJU in 2021—including the development of a stepped care model at SJU, increased training and professional development for all who support our students, and consideration of the potential in meeting growing needs through the expansion of space and staffing.   
Fundraising Priority: Catholic Mission & Identity
At St. Jerome’s, we focus on the integral values that Catholic Higher Education and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition offer everyone. These include campus ministry programs highlighted by dynamic, engaging and inclusive liturgies and various activities, retreats and experiences focused on meeting individuals “where they are” on the journeys that are faith and spirituality. Our emphasis on equity, diversity, inclusion, and to Indigenization and Reconciliation extends naturally from our Catholic mission and identity, which advances our core belief in the basic human dignity of all people and the importance of encounter and dialogue to building authentic community. This same mission commitment underpins our Lectures in Catholic Experience, through which we bring the prophetic voices of our age to address the central questions of humanity in the light of Christian understanding.
Our Lectures in Catholic Experience have been very successful, hosting a number of leaders doing fantastic work in their communities. All of our Lectures in Catholic Experience are available on our website.
Fundraising Priority: Service Learning
We are raising funds to support service-learning programs like SJU in Peru. This program began in 2009 in partnership with Guelph-based coffee roaster Planet Bean. Through this partnership, we began working with Cafe Femenino, a supplier of Planet Bean.
The SJU in Peru program involves a 10-day international experience where we learn about the farm-to-table process of coffee production. Students also work on collaborative community development projects - like irrigation systems designed to mitigate climate change.
"Through this program, I have seen students reflect deeply on the kind of person they want to be in the world and the kind of world they want to live in. By learning about Fair Trade, students reflect critically on their consumption patterns and learn to be more ethical consumers going forward." Michelle, Service-Learning Coordinator.

Thank you to everyone who supported our SJU in Peru Service-Learning Program.


We raised a total of $9,620, and with that, we are reminded every year that we have a profoundly caring community that believes strongly in the Catholic mission-driven education we bring to students every day. 


We were fortunate to have Mary Ellen (BA '78) as our Challenge Champion this year, who matched 1:1 donations and raised an additional $5,000 towards our service-learning program, SJU in Peru.


Pie graphs showing Donations, Revenues, Giving Designations and Expenses for year 2023

Thank you for our Donors!



Thank You!


St. Jerome's University recognizes the generosity of the following individuals and organizations who contributed to our 2022-2023 fundraising efforts.




* Given consecutively for at least 5 years
** Given consecutively for at least 10 years


Class of 2016

Alicia Smith (BA ‘16)


Class of 2010

Christa (BA '10) and Jerry Fischer *

Anne Jamieson (MCT ’10)

Kayla Orr (BA ’10) **


Class of 2004

Sally Headley (BA ‘04)


Class of 2002

Andrew Abrahamowicz (BMATH ‘02) *


Class of 1999

Megan Shore (BA ’99) and Scott Kline **


Class of 1998

Paul (BMATH ‘98) and Kristine (BA ‘99) Gordon *


Class of 1996

Wayland Chau (BMATH ‘96)

Cheri Chevalier (BA ‘96)


Class of 1995

Karen Buhr (BA ‘95)

Carrie (BA '98) and Scott (BMATH '95) Murphy


Class of 1994

Sonia Ellison (BMATH ‘94)


Class of 1993

Toni (BA ‘93) and Andrzej Serafini

Richard Straus (MMATH ‘93)


Class of 1992

Craig Bates (BMATH ‘92)

Steven Bittner (BMATH ‘92)

Melissa Garrett (BA ‘92)

Dianne (BA'92, CTM '10) and Wayne Moser **


Class of 1991

Michelle Micuda (BMATH ‘91) **

Helen Sullivan (BMATH ‘91)


Class of 1989

Jean Andrey (PHD ‘89) **

Scott Koch, CA (BA ‘89) **

Marilyn (BA ‘89) Kuntz **

Robert Mosey (BA ‘89)

Heidi Sostaric (BA ‘89) **

Mary Stevens (MA ‘89) *

Deron Waldock (BA ‘89)

Richard Whitney (BA ‘89) **


Class of 1988

Anthony Benedetto (BA ‘88)

Sharon (BA ‘88) and John William Carey **

Anthony Pracsovics (BMATH ‘88) *

Sara Pendergast (BA ‘88) and John Milloy


Class of 1987

Marilyn Eby (BA ‘87) **

Paul Terpstra (BMATH ‘87) **

Gary P Eng. (MASC ‘87) and Cindy Kramer **


Class of 1986

Scott Boswell (BA ‘86)


Class of 1985

Louise Brzustowski (MA ‘85) **

Sharon McCarthy (BA ‘85) *


Class of 1984

William Cross (BA ‘84)

Sam Rubino (BMATH ‘84)


Class of 1983

Brian (BA ‘83) and Lily Freiburger

Bruce (BMATH ‘83) and Jennifer Rodrigues *

Kelley Teahen (BA ‘83) *


Class of 1982

Rev. Michael Cenerini (BA ‘82)

David (BA ‘82) and Jacqueline Lang *

Catherine Sweeney (BA ‘82)

Class of 1981

Loretta Plomley (BA ‘81)

Cristina Vanin (BA ‘81) and Michael Kelly **

Paul (BES ‘81) and Rosemary (BES ‘85) McNamara


Class of 1980

Brian Lynch (BA ‘80) **


Class of 1979

Thomas Byrne (BA ‘79)

Mark Mooney (BA ‘79) and Anne Mooney **

Sean (BASC '79) and Mary Jo O'Brien **

Paul (BMATH ‘79) and Ella Rucurean


Class of 1978

Mary Ellen Cullen (BA ‘78) and Stephen Menich **

Maureen Crane (MMATH ‘78) and Doug Crane **

Karen (BA ‘78) and Warren Redman


Class of 1977

Craig Christy (BES ‘77)

Catherine Horgan (BA ‘77)


Class of 1976

William (BMATH ‘76) and Patricia Brath *

Joseph Martinello (BA ‘76)

Maureen O’Donoghue Rich (BA ‘76) **


Class of 1975

Kenneth (BES ‘75) and Sharon Forgeron

Christine Gasselle (BA ‘75)

Judith (BA ‘75) and Jim Nairn

Anke (BA’75) and Peter Naus **


Class of 1973

Murchison (MSC ‘73) and Chloe (BA ‘74) Callender *

Peter (MASC ‘73) and Sharon Chin-Cheong


Class of 1972

Philip Branston (BES ‘72)

Paul Coleman (BA ‘72)

Cheryl (MA ‘72) and David Greenberg

Anne Hind (BA ‘72) *

Vincent Purpura (BA ‘72)

Robert (BMATH ‘72) and Carol Truman


Class of 1971

Murray (BA ‘71) and Annie Ariss

Brian (BA ‘71) and Gail-Lynn Gastaldi (BA ‘74)

Margaret Ridzon (BA ‘71)

Sr. Marie Taylor SSND (BA ‘71)


Class of 1970

Tom Ciancone (BMATH ‘70) **

Barbara (BA ‘70) and Paul (BA ‘70) Lavigne **

John Gilbert (MA ‘70)


Class of 1969

Kenneth (BA ‘69) and Mary Bisch

John (BA ‘69) and Eleanor Morris

Paul (BA ‘68, MA ‘71) and Carol Olinski **

Virginia Vickers (BA ‘69) **


Class of 1968

Barry Parker (BA ‘68) *

Paul Pinkney (BMATH ‘68)


Class of 1967

Stephen Flott (BA ‘67) and R. Frances O’Brien

William Kummer (BA ‘67)

Carolyn (BA ‘67) and Bill Pegg **

Karen Reinhardt (BPE ‘67) *


Class of 1966

Jane Peacock (BA ‘66)

Bruce (BA '66) & Gail (BA '66) Young **


Class of 1965

Kenneth (BA ‘65) and Elizabeth McLaughlin


Class of 1962

Nick Krasnick (BA ‘62)

Douglas (BA ‘62) and Donna (BA ‘89) Letson





Community Supporters

*Given consecutively for at least 5 years
**Given consecutively for at least 10 years


Michael and Diane Abbott

Andre and Raymonde Anderson

Michelle Atkin and Richard Myers

Veronica Austen **

Thomas and Roswita Ball

Susan Barrett

Dipali Batabyal

Steven and Leslie Bednarski **

Jean Bednarski

James and Sandra Beingessner

Mike Boehmer

Joanne and Harry Boere

Kieran and Margaret O’Shea Bonner **

Scott Boswell

Mike Braga

Catherine and John Brothers

William & Maria Brown

Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region Inc.

Roberta Cauchi-Santoro

Darron and Marie Chin-Quee **

Linda Collins **

Congregation of Resurrection of Provincial Office *

Conrad Grebel University College

Leonard Curchin and Lucinda Neuru

Dana Hospitality LP

Cynthia Davis

Charles Deierlein

Wanda and Ryan Deschamps **

Roger Dietrich and Debbie Abt

Diocese of Hamilton **

Sandra Evans

Anne Facey and Shane Verbiski

Rory and Natalie Ferrier

Lesley and Jeff Fleming

Thomas Fraser

Margaret Fritsch **

John and Deanna Gazzola

Mary Therese Gervais

Giffen LLP

Lawrence and Jane Gorman **

Dennis Grecco

Hamilton Community Foundation

Harkrug Inc.

Teresa and Raymond Hands **

Michael and Krystyna Higgins

Lucia Hogeveen and John Schneider *

Nancy Howe

Bernard and Brenda Howorth **

Jesuits of Canada

Frank Jones

Katrina Kaczala

Michael Kaloutsky *

Wayne Kemick

John Klein

Brian Krulicki

Hartman and Brenda Krug **

Mary Ann and Peter Landry

William and Doreen Leonard

Louise Leonard **

Richard Leyes

Lirong Liu

Carol Ann MacGregor

Catherine and Gordon Mackay

Anthony MacKinnon

Dorothy McCabe

Diane McInnis & Satish Rangaswamy

Peter and Laura Meehan

Pat Melady

Michael Miceli

Saphron Moule

Dan Muncan

Andrea Olson

Very Rev. Cornelius O’Mahony, EV

Sean and Emily O’Seasnain

Michael Pautler

Barbara Peloso

Deirdre Pike

Phyllis Porter *

Peter and Regina Quinn **

Dorothee Retterath and Ric Hewson **

Pauline Ridzon

Fred Schell

Vera Schmidt

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Christine Schwendinger

David Seljak **

Thomas Shoniker

Maria Teresa Simarro

Justina Slocombe

St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association

Staebler Insurance

Thomas Sullivan **

Maureen Sweeney

Shelagh Sweeney

TD Wealth

Marion Thomson and Gary Howell


Cynthia Truong **

Anthony and Valerie Truscello

Charles Van Alphen

Berry Vrbanovic

Waterloo Catholic District School Board *

Michelle Watson

Wellington Catholic District School Board

Mark and Paula Wendland

Alayna Woodley

Stephanie Zettel




A thank you to all our anonymous donors as well. If your gift was marked as anonymous, your name may not appear in the above listing. Should you wish to not be anonymous, please email Hayley Winters, Manager of Development & Alumni Relations.