Bridges Lecture Series - Symmetry: Bach and Math


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After rapidly presenting how symmetries play an interesting role in nature, art, and science, François Bergeron and Members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony will explain and illustrate how Bach uses mathematical symmetries in writing the scores for his music. This will partly be done via an interplay between a pictoral description of the symmetries of the scores, and a live rendition by musicians of the result for the audience.



Francois Bergeron

François Bergeron


François Bergeron has been a professor in the Department of Mathematics of the Université du Québec à Montréal since 1984. His research area lies at the intersection of algebra and combinatorics, and he is a founding member of the research center LACIM. He has published two books, and written 60 research papers. He has also been involved in many outreach activities, such as general public talks about various mathematical subjects, interviews on radio and television, and he has inspired his film-maker brother Jean to realize the documentary Achieving the Unachievable on a work of Escher in which mathematics plays a surprising role.


Members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony

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The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony (KWS) is one of Waterloo Region’s largest arts and cultural organizations. They continue to push boundaries, build community, and welcome and cultivate world-class talent in the community. Today, the KWS is one of Canada’s outstanding orchestras, presenting a diverse and rich concert season and garnering national and international attention for its artistry, musicianship and innovative programming. Its education and outreach programs serve its evolving community and a continuum of ages. The KWS continues to be the largest employer of artists and cultural workers and the most significant cultural asset for Waterloo Region.

Over their 70-year history the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony has grown from a community orchestra into the third largest in Ontario, our peers being the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Over the last ten seasons, under the Music Directorship of Edwin Outwater, we have expanded the idea of what music is, what it can be and how it can make an impact – often in unexpected ways. The KWS has positioned themselves as one of Canada’s leading orchestras and has worked strategically to become an orchestra for the next generation.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony performs over 222 concerts annually to an audience of over 90,000, both in the concert hall and across Waterloo Region. Members will join François Bergeron on Friday, March 13, 2020 to present "Symmetry: Bach and Math" as part of the Bridges Lecture Series.


Friday, March 13, 2020 - 7:30pm
Vanstone Lecture Hall, St. Jerome's University Academic Centre 
Complimentary parking - accessible - refreshments served after the lecture.

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