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Fr. Norm Choate, C.R. Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

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Cheri Chevalier receives award from Peter Meehan
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The Fr. Norm Choate, C.R., Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award was established in 1986 and is presented annually to an alum who has demonstrated extraordinary accomplishment in their professional and community life. Named in honour of Father Norm Choate, C.R., past president of St. Jerome’s University, this prestigious award represents the highest level of recognition the University bestows on an alum. 

Shown in photo, Cheri Chevalier, BA '96 receiving the award from President and Vice Chancellor, Peter Meehan.  
Award Nomination Criteria
  • Graduated from St. Jerome’s University.
  • Distinguished themselves through a significant record of professional and community contributions in alignment with the mission, vision, and values of St. Jerome’s University.
  • Minimum of 15 years post-graduation before consideration.
Nomination Procedure

St. Jerome’s University welcomes nominations from anyone familiar with the work, character and/or achievements of the award candidate. To nominate an individual for the Fr. Norm Choate, C.R., Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, please complete and submit an online nomination form.  Nominations received after the deadline will be considered in the following year.


Selection Procedure
  1. Call for nominations continues throughout the year. Friends, family, colleagues, staff and faculty members, alumni, and community members may nominate award candidates.
  2. All nominations will be reviewed by the Selection Committee who will then select the award recipient.
  3. The award recipient will be notified following the selection process.
Past Award Recipients
  • Dr. Rosemarie Burton Spohn, BA '90
  • Rev. James (Jim) Donohue, C.R., PhD (BA ’78)
  • Cheri Chevalier, BA ’96
  • Paul do Forno, BMath '95
  • Mike Farwell, BA ’97
  • Dr. Michele Mosca, BMATH ’95
  • Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin, BA ’65
  • Catherine Horgan, BA ‘77
  • Laura Zilney, D.H.S, BA ’99
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Patrick Flynn, BA ’68
  • Dr. Kelly Moynihan, BSC ’79
  • Dr. David Morrell, BA '66
  • Fr. Brian McCormick
  • Jeff Woodrow, BA ’02
  • Filomena Tassi
  • Dr. James Mitchell, BSC ’66
  • His Eminence Thomas C. Collins, Cardinal, Archbishop of Toronto, BA ’68
  • Eva Kmiecic, BA ’75
  • Dr. Peter Warrian, BA ’69
  • Richard Callahan, BA ’62
  • Michelle DiEmanuele, BA ’87
  • Joan Grundy, BA ’84
  • Robert Donelson, BA ’81
  • Dr. Brenda Kenyon, BA ’86
  • Judy Nairn, BA ’75
  • Christopher Gadula, BA ’74
  • Rev. Mark Curtis, BA ’78
  • Paul Tratnyek, BA ’75
  • Gregory Humbert, BA ’70
  • Dr. Rosanna Pellizzari, BA ’78
  • Christine Dominico
  • Dr. Terrance Downey and Margaret Downey, BA ’66
  • Tom Ciancone, BMATH ‘ 70
  • Richard Dominico, BA ’69
  • Gail Young, BA ’66
  • Joe and Stephanie Mancini, BA ’81

Previously called the Fr. Norm Choate, C.R., Distinguished Graduate Award

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