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St. Jerome's University HeForShe Committee, in conjunction with Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies, presents a FREE public lecture by Dr. Jean Kilbourne
Featuring student research on parenting, diverse romantic relationships, consent and dementia, incest and adultery in Medieval society, LGBTQ+, and more!
Past Winners
Joint first place winners
Kristopher Kinsinger, First place Easton Page, First place

From Moderates to Mythmakers: Postwar Foreign Policy in Canadian Federal Elections 1949-1957

The Music of Prose - Formal Subversion in Schoenberg's Piano Suite Op. 25 and Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms


Janina (Ninka) Bielak, First place Dakota Pinheiro, Second place

Digging up the Dying: Bearing Witness to Woundedness in Mary Borden's 'Unidentified' and Isaac Rosenberg's 'Dead Man's Dump'

The Grapes of Wrath: A Protest Against an Un-American America

Aaron Hernandez, First place Jacob McLellan, Second place

The Complete View of the Whole Eventuality: Zen in Gary Snyder's 'Pine Tree Tops'

Estranged Through Writing: An Analysis of the Written Word in the Grapes of Wrath

Nadine Hiemstra, First place

Intentional Community: Revaluing People Living With Disabilities

Joint first place winners
Kylie Bergfalk, First place Samantha Bradshaw, First place Ralph Neil, First place

Building Bridges: The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan in Canadian Foreign Policy, 1958-1960

Taser Technology in Canada: Examining Whether Tasers Constitute Reasonable or Excessive Force

Slavery in the Writing of Thomas Aquinas


Erika Toffelmire, Honourable Mention

Flipped Upside Down: A Reflection Paper on My Field Studies Experience in Madurai, India


Myra Khan, First place

International Laws Concerning the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers and the Case of Omar Khadr

Matthew Thijssen, First place

Enfields, Emissaries, and Experiences: Canadian Perspectives on the Korean War

Nicholas Herring, First place

The Savage Faculty

Denis Clark, First place

Writing to Survive? The Battle of the Plains of Abraham in English Canadian Historiography

David Zettel, First place 

The Moral Virtues as Prerequisites for the Philosophical Life in Plato's Gorgias