Student Life

SJU U know! Living in residence is an important part of the university experience. We’ve put together the information on the following pages to give you a good idea of what you can expect and look forward to while you’re living in residence at SJU. 

  • Are you living at St. Jerome's for the first time in the near future? Find out more about our residence, about confirming your spots, room allocations and information about moving in!
  • At SJU, we welcome upper year students to be a part of our residence community. Be a leader, get involved and join our community!
  • Find out more about our facilities, application process and residence program at St. Jerome’s University.
  • Find out more about our residence fees, payment schedules and more information pertaining to the costs and value of the St. Jerome's Residence Experience.
  • Our brand new amenities support our extensive co-curricular offering. Find out more about our facilities, amenities, what’s included in your room and social spaces.
  • Food is central to community and at St. Jerome’s University, our home-cooked food is the envy of many on campus.
  • Our residence program is governed by a number of important polices and procedures. Make sure you understand the lay of the land!
  • Our friendly residence staff are here to help you out and assist you in your on-campus living. Meet them today!