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Upper-Year Scholarships
Upper Year Scholarships
Each term, St. Jerome's University awards scholarships and bursaries on behalf of our generous donors.  The awards which you are about to apply for have more specific criteria than others that St. Jerome's offers.  If you have any questions related to terminology, please see our Glossary of Terms. We recommend that you keep it open in a separate window or tab as you fill out the form. In order to help us determine which awards you may be eligible for, please answer the following:
Upper-Year Scholarships
Each year St. Jerome's University offers a number of upper-year scholarships to students who are co-registered through St. Jerome's and are in at least their 2A term.  In addition, we are pleased to offer awards to deserving students and residents within the broader St. Jerome's community that require a short online application.
Note: students on their co-op term are not eligible to receive scholarships until their next academic term.
Scholarship / Bursary
Application-based scholarships
$1,000 - $2,500
- Application required
– Applications are now closed. To view scholarships Click Here
President’s Scholarship of Distinction Add-Ons
$1,500 International Experience Award and/or;
$1,500 Research Award
 - Visit the President's Scholarship web page for complete eligibility details
Upper-Year Scholarships
Cumulative Overall Average Required
(per term)
83.0% - 85.9%
86.0% - 89.9 %
90.0% - 99.9%
- Must be a full-time student co-registered with St. Jerome's University in the Faculty of Arts
- Awards are assessed automatically
Other Scholarship Opportunities
St. Jerome’s University Arts students may be eligible for scholarships from the Faculty of Arts.
Additional Waterloo Scholarship information can be found at Find Out More.