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John Arnou
Manager, Student Success
519-884-8111 x 28241
Paige Doherty
Student Advisor
519-884-8111 x 28210
Stephanie Morrison
Student Success Coordinator
519-884-8111 x 28310
Your Support
Interpreter of degree requirements and University regulations. Online resource navigator. Goals and career plan consultant. Personal development coach. Referral agent for Waterloo services. You’ll find that your academic advisor wears many hats and can play more than one valuable role in your academic success!
Academic Advising
Academic advising can help, support, and challenge you so that you can optimize your learning and success. Advisors are a good resource to connect with to discuss:
  • course selection and course enrolment
  • your specific degree and major requirements
  • academic regulations
  • any issues you might encounter that will have an impact on your studies
Students in the Faculty of Arts have a separate advisor for each academic plan (program, major, minor) they are completing. For example, if you’re an Arts and Business student who is majoring in Honours Legal Studies with a Psychology minor, you’ll have 3 different advisors:
  • one for your program (ex. Honours Arts )
  • one for your major plan (ex. Legal Studies)
  • one for your minor plan (ex. Psychology) 
You can find out who your advisors are by looking at the list of St. Jerome’s University advisors.
Arts and Business Co-op and Regular
Years 1, 2, 3, and 4
Paige Doherty
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28210
SH 1007
Honours Arts
Year 1
Paige Doherty
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28210
SH 1007
General Arts, Liberal Studies,
Years 2, 3, and 4
Paige Doherty
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28210
SH 1007
Catholic Studies
Cristina Vanin
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28266
SJU 3023
Tristanne Connolly
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28244 
SJU 3002
Gabe Niccoli
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28235
Ryan Touhey
(519) 888-4567, ext. 28218
SJU 3003
Human Sciences
Kieran Bonner
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28242
SJU 3021
Gabe Niccoli
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28235
Legal Studies
Paige Doherty
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28210
SH 1007
Medieval Studies
Steven Bednarski
(519) 888-8111 ext. 28276
SJU 2008
Bruno Tremblay
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28248
SJU 1019
BJ Rye
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28219
SJU 2019
Religious Studies
Myroslaw Tataryn
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28299
SJU 3022
Sexuality, Marriage & Families Studies
John Arnou
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28241
SH 1008
Kieran Bonner
(519) 884-8111, ext. 28242
SJU 3021


Student Success Coaching
Student Success Coaching begins with your questions and continues with an engaging, solutions- and strengths-focused conversation between you and an advisor or PAL. This dialogue explores your strong points; areas where you could improve; and opportunities for resolution, growth, and development. Our team in Student Success is your partner in achieving your goals.
Common themes of success coaching sessions:
  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Balance & wellness
  • Goal setting
  • Exploration of strengths
  • Campus service referrals
Did You Know?
Our PALs (Peer Academic Leaders) provide peer success coaching from our Student Success Office reception area. Keep an eye out for them in the Student Success Office and stop in!
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