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Upper Year Residents

At St. Jerome’s University, we believe that upper year students are an important part of the residence experience. They provide informal peer mentorship and leadership to our first year population and help to advance the traditions and culture of our community.




In order to be eligible for readmission to residence, a student must demonstrate that they can live cooperatively within the University community and must have cooperated with the Residence Operation as follows: 


Administrative Eligibility 


While in residence, a student must have cooperated with all residence procedures. For example, a student who has not cooperated with behavioral, disciplinary, and administrative guidelines may be denied re-admittance. Students who do not meet fee payment deadlines may also be denied re-admittance. All bills owed to the Residence must be paid in full before any application will be processed. 


Academic Eligibility 


Each upper year student must complete a minimum of four full course credits within a regular session and be in good standing academically, as defined by the University of Waterloo. Each first year student must complete a minimum of three full course credits within a regular session and be in good academic standing. Co-op students on work term may be permitted to live in residence at the discretion of the Residence Manager. 


Involvement Eligibility 


In the event that the number of upper year students wishing to return exceeds the number of vacancies determined by the Residence Manager, a student's level of involvement and participation may be used as criteria for readmission. 


Please note that the Residence Manager may place limits on the number of returning students in order to accommodate the first year applicant pool. 


If you are interested in living at SJU we would love to hear a little more about you and what you are looking for. Please fill out the SJU Residence Community Interest Form. A residence team member will follow up with more details regarding a potential offer.


For Spring 2024 and Fall 2024, we are full for upper year spots and are not accepting any additional students onto our waitlist.  


If you are currently living at SJU for the fall term please note that you will receive an email in January regarding returning to residence for a two term, fall/winter or fall/spring contract during the 2024/2025 academic year.  


If you are a student looking for one-term contract (winter or spring, only), applications typically open by the middle of the term preceding. You may fill out the SJU Residence Community Interest Form to indicate your interest in this one term space.