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Student Leadership


St. Jerome's University HeForShe Committee, in conjunction with Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies, presents a FREE public lecture by Dr. Jean Kilbourne
Featuring student research on parenting, diverse romantic relationships, consent and dementia, incest and adultery in Medieval society, LGBTQ+, and more!
Student Leadership
Peer Academic Leader (PAL)

Volunteer to share what you’ve learned by working with St. Jerome’s Student Success Services. Help new students get a grip on university academics by facilitating study skills workshops and other student success and engagement programs.


Student leader. Volunteer. Peer Success Coach. Guide. A Peer Academic Leader (PAL) supports student learning and success by providing peer success coaching, and implementing student success/engagement programming through the St. Jerome's University Student Success Office


Maximize your study potential

University has a lot of exciting aspects, and at St. Jerome’s University we like to cover them all - mind, body, heart, and spirit. But the bottom line, and a major reason you're here, is to earn your degree. What that means is learning how to study at the university level.


Get Support

PALs are available in the SJU Student Success Office to support you along your journey. They will help you find resources, navigate online systems, and provide you with a student’s perspective of how to best succeed in university. Visit the PALs to get help with:

  • Submitting forms
  • Finding online resources
  • Connecting with a service on campus
  • Mentorship
  • How to reach out to professors or advisors
  • much more! PALs are a great first stop to get pointed in the right direction!


Pay it forward

Become a PAL, and help other students upgrade their study skills to meet academic challenges. What does it take?

  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to function effectively both independently and as a team member
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Willingness to commit your efforts to the enhancement of student success
Campus Life
Student Activities Team (SAT)

Starting in your second year, you can join a team that provides diverse, interest-based, appealing programming for all St. Jerome’s University students throughout the school year. Do you remember being greeted by smiling faces when you moved in? One of the biggest responsibilities of this role is welcoming students on day one of this new adventure at St. Jerome’s University! Applications typically open in February in the Winter term for the following year!


Assistant Activities Coordinator (AAC)


Act as a role model, mentor, and coach as you work with and oversee the Student Activities Team to plan, promote, coordinate, and execute a variety of student life activities! In your upper years, you can apply to be an AAC and work alongside a team of other like-minded individuals to provide inclusive and holistic programming! Applications typically open in the Fall in November for the following school year!


Senior Assistant Activities Coordinator (SAAC)


Apply in your upper years to take the next step in student activities leadership, look to manage a team of upper year students while adding on broader administrative responsibilities to your duties as an AAC with a knowledge bank like no other! Applications typically open in the Fall in November for the following school year!


Frost Week


Did you love Orientation week in the Fall? How would you like to be part of the team that plans and executes the “orientation” week in the Winter: Frost Week!


If you have once been or currently are a Student Activities Team Member, you are eligible to be a Frost Leader Advisor. If you are excited by the possibility of managing a small team and providing a week of inclusive, social, and exciting programming - this is for you! Applications typically open in October for the Frost Week that occurs in January!


If you’d like to be one of the leaders responsible for creating, planning, and executing Frost Week, apply to be a Frost Leader. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside a group of your peers to provide a week of unforgettable programming the first week back in the Winter term! Applications are open to absolutely anyone and they typically open in the Fall in November for the Winter term’s Frost Week!


Relay for Life


Looking to be part of a team that plans, organizes and executes the only Relay for Life event at the University of Waterloo? Look no further!


In your upper years, look to be the Relay for Life Event Chair to lead and manage a committee of passionate and hard-working individuals in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. You will work on projects in support of “Movember” in the Fall and culminate with Relay for Life in the Winter. Applications typically open in the Winter term in March for the following year’s event!


Starting in your very first year, you can look to be part of the Relay for Life Committee. Join as finance, sponsorship, fundraising captain and more! Applications typically open in September for the same year’s event, so be sure to attend the Get Involved Fair that happens the first week of classes!


Leadership Conference Coordinator (LCC)


Starting in second year, you can apply to be one of the LCC’s for St. Jerome’s University Student Leadership Conference and work with a team to plan, organize, promote, and execute an event that encourages growth and development for students in the St. Jerome’s University community. Applications for both the LCC:Engagement and LCC: Logistics positions typically open in the Winter term for the following year’s Conference.


St. Jerome’s University Intramurals


Are you passionate about health and well-being? Have a keen interest in being part of St. Jerome’s University very own Intramural program? This is for you!


As an upper-year student, you have the chance to work alongside the Student Activities Coordinator to manage the Intramural program at St. Jerome’s University. The Intramural Coordinator works to promote, schedule, and execute the intramural program, and collaborate with different programs at St. Jerome’s University to provide a diverse set of programming. Applications typically open in the Winter term in March for this opportunity!


If you are looking for a part-time job within the community, you can apply to be an Intramural Referee. If you have a keen interest on facilitating and creating an inclusive and safe environment for our students to participate in sports, look no further! Applications typically open during the first month of both the Fall and Winter term.


Experience Guide
Share your SJU story with prospective students and their families while conducting personalized tours. Enhance your community involvement, your knowledge of marketing and recruitment, and your personal and professional development.
Residence Don

Guide, advisor, lifeline. Party planner, off-campus outing organizer. Go-to Wikipedia of residence and campus life, and your personal live-in support system. In your upper years, you can apply to become a Don and contribute to the high quality of SJU residence life.


Community Advisor (CA)

Take the next step up in residence leadership, and add broader operational and administrative responsibilities to your duties as an experienced Don.

Campus Ministry
Student Peer Minister

Whatever your faith, demonstrate your commitment to building a spirit-based community through your daily interactions. Explore your own beliefs while you lead a team of students who prepare and present liturgies and activities.


Student Music Director

Select the music, organize and run practices, and conduct the choir.

Student Government
Students’ Union

Get involved in student governance and be a voice for SJU students.

Current Opportunities
Co-Curricular Record Committee (CCRC)
Are you interested in marketing and advertising to an entire University community? What about planning events for the St. Jerome’s on and off-campus community about our very own Co-Curricular Record?
Applications for the Co-Curricular Record Committee are now open for the 2017-2018 school year! There are three positions we are hiring for: Event Management, Marketing and Advertising: CCR and Marketing and Advertising: Involvement Advising
Please submit your completed application by email to or in person at the Office of Student Experience (SH 1012) by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31st