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Lauren Pazzano
Students' Union President
519-884-8111 x 0
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Meet the Students' Union Team

The Students' Union of St. Jerome's University is here to support your experience as a student of the University of Waterloo. We hope that we have the opportunity to connect with many students at the university so that we can express your concerns at Council, Senate, and Committee meetings. You can learn a little bit about us below so that you can recognize and talk to us around campus. You can always stop by our office during our office hours! If you are interested in joining our team, click here to apply. Please note the Office Hours listed below are only for the Fall 2018 term and are not in effect during holidays or exam season.

SJU Students Union president Lauren Pazzano
Lauren Pazzano
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hi SJ! My name is Lauren Pazzano and I’m your Student’s Union President. As President, I advocate for students on the St. Jerome’s Board of Governors as well as the University of Waterloo Committee of Presidents. As a Political Science & Business student with a minor in Gender & Social Justice, my goal is to ensure that Union functions as an accessible democracy. This year I’m hoping to improve campus food sustainability and mental wellness programming. Above all else, I’m here to advocate for you. Please feel free to reach out to me at pres.sjusu@gmail if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.
SJU Students Union vice president Meaghan Hymes
Meaghan Hymers
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hey SJ! My name is Meaghan, and I’m in my fourth year of a double major in Psychology and Sexuality, Marriage and Family Studies. I am beyond excited to be your Students’ Union Vice President, Internal for 2019-2020. In my role, I do a lot to organize the Students’ Union and hold our team accountable for all of you. I got involved with Union because I’m passionate about student wellness and inclusion here at St. Jerome’s, and I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make sure our community is supportive, safe and accessible for all students.
SJU Students Union vice president finance Matthew Bilopavlovic
Matthew Bilopavlovic
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hi! My name is Matthew Bilopavlovic and I am a second year student in Honours Physics with a Minor in Astrophysics. My main duty within union is to handle all financial matters. Along with the rest of the Union, I will create a budget for the Union’s fiscal year as well as oversee and manage the Business Affairs Liaison. Through my role I am excited to help make SJU a more sustainable and eco friendly home while simultaneously expanding the level of engagement available to students by starting projects that focus on improving campus sustainability.
SJU Students Union vice president Academic Josée-Claire Malenfant
Josée-Claire Malenfant
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hi everyone, I’m Josée-Claire and I am going to be your Vice President Academic for the upcoming year! I’m studying Speech Communication with a minor in Digital Arts Communication. As VPA I am an advocate for SJU students both on SJ and main campus. I am so excited for this year, I’m hoping to bring all aspects of our community together, create opportunities to stay connected as well as creating channels to have your voices heard.
SJU Students Union Communications Officer Sammy Lawless
Sammy Lawless
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hey SJ! My name is Sammy Lawless and I am a second year Arts and Business Student!  I’m fortunate enough to be your communications officer. As union’s CO it is my job to ensure all of SJ is up to date on all things union. That includes updating our twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts with news and updates. My goal this year to create positive and open communication between union and SJ. As well, I’m excited to work on programs that promote and foster mental wellness throughout the year. Happy studies!
SJU Students Union Project Manager and Administrative Officer Aaron Boonstra

Aaron Boonstra
Office Hour(s): Meetings available upon request.
Hi there! My name is Aaron Boonstra and I am the Project Manager and Administrative Officer for the 2019-2020 academic year. My role in Union involves managing Union clubs and programs and overseeing Union events, like the Fall Formal and Gala. In the fall, I’ll be going into my fourth year of Environmental Science with a minor in Geography. In my role, I’m super excited to engage more with upper years, promote sustainability, and collaborate with the SJ Wellness Coordinator to ensure that this year is spectacular. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or chat with me if I’m on campus! Otherwise, study hard, eat your veggies, and be kind!