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PROASSA and Café Femenino
PROASSA and Café Femenino - Peru

PROASSA/CECANOR is socially and environmentally responsible enterprise that produces and exports certified organic coffee beans in-line with international market standards. Their goal is to promote trust-based relationships between minor produces and product consumers in ways that support economic equity, social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainable business practice.


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PROASSA, Promoter of Sustainable Agriculture S.A. is a producer and exporter of certificated organic coffee beans. It was set up in 1995 as a result of the endeavour of producer associations from Cajamarca, Lambayeque, Amazonas and San Martin, all of them organized in the North-East Coffee Bean Producers Central (CECANOR, by its Spanish acronym), Center of Investigation, Training, Consultancy and Promotion (CICAP by its Spanish Acronym) and a group of professionals involved with the sustainable development of the North-East of Peru. The enterprise was organized upon the integral work on technical advisory done by CICAP. Since 1992 these coffee bean producers in different places of Cajamarca and Lambayeque have become pioneers in the production and export of organic coffee beans in northern Peru.


The criteria used to organize PROASSA which are reinforced every day with its praxis are: transparency, trust, horizontal and democratic relations with its suppliers and customers, improvement in producer life conditions, permanent commitment to quality, human capital development, equity, viability, economic equity, social responsibility, environment protection, and long term vision.


PROASSA started its operations with 50 producers. Nowadays, it works directly with 3,694 producers who are organized in 50 regional centralized organizations. CECANOR also works with other three independent associations and one cooperative.


Spanish is widely spoken. The staff in PROASSA's offices speak Spanish as do the people in the communities. You will have the opportunity to take Spanish classes upon arrival.


Role of the Organization




One of the essential factors of PROASSA is its strategic alliance with CECANOR, CICAP, OPTICO, and CORDAID. The following is a description of the work each of the organizations provide to the alliance:


  • North-East Central of Coffee Bean Producers (CECANOR): this organization commits to improve technical skills for producers when growing their crops. Skill building focuses on the areas of improving quality, increasing performance and collecting methods that allows for central trade.
  • Center of Investigation, Training, Consultancy and Promotion (CICAP): this organization offers technical assistance and training for improving production quality, improving family well-being and to qualify the producers for growing.
  • Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO): This American organization handles the promotion and positioning of the brands: Penachi, Café Femenino, Andes Gold and others in markets across the US, Canada and Australia.
  • CORDAID: This Dutch organization set up a financing mechanism that provides money for the collection and exportation of the coffee bean products.
  • Women Coffee Foundation: this organization supports women producers and their communities with health problems and education opportunities.
  • PROASSA: this organization manages the organic program, promotes the organization of producers, helps with technical assistance, manages the producing centres, and oversees quality control and all exporting activities.


Services to Providers


PROASSA offers the following the providers registered with the organization:


  • Permanent technical assistance: provided for CICAP with economic resources from commercial activities and the support of international cooperations.
  • Training: that is done by the alliance annually to strengthen producers’ organization.
  • Financing: providing information on financing skills to help producers use best-practices for pricing and selling
  • Commerce: we have organized a competitive commercial system that producers benefit from. This also includes ensuring quality control in the whole process.

PROASSA works with organized minor coffee bean producers in a continuous improvement process to produce coffee beans that are in accordance with the quality demanded of organic coffee beans. PROASSA’s goal is to be the leader among enterprises in the North of Peru, becoming a reference of quality for operators in the international coffee bean market. PROASSA wants to be recognized for its transparency in every operation, and for contributing to relations with minor producers in the Peruvian economy. PROASSA works to be a role model for sustainable development in Peru.