16 Feb, 2018
If you’ve submitted your application to either SJU or UWaterloo and are still waiting for a response, you might’ve heard of the AIF or Admission Information Form. You might be wondering what exactly the AIF is, whether or not you’re expected to fill it out, and if not, whether it is a good idea to do so anyway.


Simply put, the Admission Information Form is a tool that UWaterloo uses to help make admissions decisions. It also allows applicants to the University to provide more information about themselves on top of their application.


If you’ve applied to the Faculty of Arts either through SJU or UWaterloo then you’re not required to submit the AIF, but you are still able to if there’s any additional information about yourself that you’d like the University to know that wasn’t indicated anywhere in your application.


As a university applicant, there are many things about yourself that you’re not able to convey in the limited information that you provide on your application. If you feel like there are more things about yourself that the University should know when making their admissions decision, then you might want to consider filling out the AIF! For example, this could include if you’ve been involved in any extra-curricular activities, held any leadership positions, or had any unique experiences!


Find out more reasons why you might want to submit the AIF in this video:


If you’re still unsure whether or not you should submit the AIF, find out more about what the undergraduate admissions department at UWaterloo has to say about the AIF here:

And for more information about the AIF in general, including whether it is required for other faculties and programs, when to complete it by, and how to do so, click here: