SJU's Ultimate Study Mixtape
19 Feb, 2019
With winter term already in full swing at St. Jerome’s, our ambassadors are working hard writing essays, studying for midterms, doing SO many readings, and (of course) giving fantastic tours to all of you!


Now, something you may not know is that our ambassadors aren’t just super smart and cool St. Jerome’s students – they’re also music geniuses. This week, our very own Experience Guides have curated, just for you, a mixtape of their top study tunes. This eclectic mix has something for everyone, so listen at your leisure and I hope you’ll find a song or two to add to your own study playlist as you grind out these last few months of grade 12.


You can find the playlist online here, or by searching “sjuambassadors” on Spotify. Happy listening!


Warning: some songs may contain explicit content.