SJU Student Leadership Profile: Interviewing the SJU Green Team Captain
26 Sep, 2019
The Green Team is the student run environmental group at St. Jerome’s University. The group coordinates events and initiatives to promote environmental sustainability, and spread environmental awareness within our community. 
An example of a program that the team coordinates is Residence Waste Redistribution! At the end of each semester, SJU Green Team places collection bins on each floor to ensure unused / unwanted clothing, books, non-perishable food, and other items can be properly disposed of or donated. 
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Interviewing the SJU Green Team Captain!
This week, we are interviewing Rachel, who is the current team leader! Rachel is in her third year of Honours Arts, studying English and Philosophy. 

What do you do for SJU students in your role as a member of the Green Team? 
Rachel: With the help of the team I organise events and campaigns on the St. Jerome’s campus every term to help educate and empower students about a variety of environmental issues.
What does the Green team have planned for the coming semester? 
R: Some of the events that we are really excited about include clothing swaps, movie nights, and our termly waste redistribution project! 
What do you want university students to know about the environment / what should they be aware of? How can university students make a change?
R: There are so many things that I would like to include when answering this question, but I would say the biggest thing that I want students to be aware of is how much of an impact that they have on the environment. Sometimes it’s easy to feel insignificant but I would encourage students to remember that their decisions as consumers and citizens are going to drastically shape our planet. Don’t be passive! Educate yourself about how your lifestyle, the actions of corporations, and government policies negatively affect weakening ecosystems and then act accordingly.
What do you enjoy about being a student leader at SJU?
R: I really enjoy the enthusiasm on campus! Last term the Green Team consisted of a large group of dedicated students whose excitement made events a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this term!
Why did you decide to come to SJU?
R: I first decided to consider St. Jerome’s because of its amazing reputation. After going on a tour the university exceeded my expectations and it became my top choice!
What would you say is unique about the SJU experience?
R: One really unique part of St. Jerome’s is its dedication to its students. I’m always impressed by the effort that the staff and facility put into trying to remember everyone’s name and asking how their day is going. Little things like this really meant a lot to me in first year!
What extracurricular activities have you been involved in during your time at university? 
R: I was an SJU Experience Guide in first year. I just started my third term as a Peer Academic Leader and my fifth term as the Leader of SJU’s Green Team! I have also had the opportunity to be a part of the main campus fencing and archery club, as well as be an exec at the campus Bike Centre!
What are your goals post-graduation?
R: Ever since I started working at the SJU Library in first year I wanted to become a librarian! I think libraries are incredible hubs in communities that foster growth, understanding, and a sense of belonging!
How did you decide what you want to study?
I’ve always been a really avid reader and I enjoy the challenge and freedom that English and Philosophy have to offer!
What is some advice that you would give an incoming student?
Make plans but don’t be afraid to change them. Take the time to set goals for yourself and visualise what sort of future you want to have, but stay open minded! University has so many opportunities that you may have never considered!


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