Hello from the Experience Centre!
20 Jan, 2017
Welcome to the SJU Experience Blog!
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My name is Jon and I’m a second-year Honours Arts and Business Student who is co-registered with St. Jerome’s. I am also in co-op – so this term I’m working in the Registrar’s Office at SJU as the Recruitment and Outreach Associate.
So what is this? Why the heck did some dude named Jay Smith tell you to check this out? Is it worth your time?
In short – this is a blog created by students, for students. We’ve been in your shoes. We understand what it’s like to apply to university, choose a school, and begin first year. We want to share what we’ve learned from our experiences to help you with yours.
Every Monday we’ll be profiling some of our amazing Student Ambassadors. Also known as Experience Guides, these first and second-year students volunteer their time to offer you personalized, one-on-one tours of our campus so you can see what it’s like to be an SJU student. They’ll also be offering their tips from first year in a recurring segment called “Ambassadors Say…”
Keep your eye out every Wednesday and Friday as well for a new post about something that we hope you’ll find interesting, as well as relevant to any questions you might have about St. Jerome’s or university in general.
I hope you’ll find this blog engaging and informative. If there’s anything you personally want to see on the blog, shoot me an email at and I’ll try my best to put something together for you. After all, this blog is for you.
Here at St. Jerome’s, we’re really proud of our amazing facilities but we truly believe it’s the people inside them that make this place the way it is. We have a saying here on campus: “St. Jerome’s isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling.” It sounds sappy and overly idyllic but it really is something you have to experience yourself in order to understand. We hope this blog will help you get excited to begin your own experience here.
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