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Policies and Procedures: Additional Professional Development Fund
Additional Professional Development Fund
Academic Operations Manual
Approving Authority: SJU Senate Council
Established: January 22, 2015
Date of Last Review/Revision: November 23, 2018
Office of Accountability: Vice President Academic and Dean
Administrative Responsibility: Vice President Academic and Dean
1. Introduction
Per the Collective Agreement (full-time unit), the Committee on Research and Scholarship manages an annual budget, a portion of which is allocated to the Additional Professional Development Fund (APDF). The Committee is required to receive applications to the APDF between 1 May and 1 March. The Committee must redistribute any unallocated APDF into the Faculty Research Grant (FRG).
2. Policy Statement
This policy provides parameters to govern the APDF application process and applies to all decisions made by the Committee on Research and Scholarship regarding the APDF.
3. Scope
All full-time academic staff who have exhausted their available Professional Development (PD) allotment are eligible to apply for additional PD support based upon criteria established by St. Jerome’s University in accordance with the terms of the Collective Agreement (full-time unit).
4. Procedures
The Committee on Research and Scholarship shall follow the procedures below in adjudicating APDF applications. The Committee retains the discretion to adjust budgets, to allocate partial or full funding, and to deny funding with reasons (reasons include lack of funds, incomplete or unclear applications, lack of supporting evidence).
4.1 The Committee Chair shall receive APDF applications from eligible applicants annually by 1 March of each year.
4.2 The Committee shall consider all eligible applications in the month of March and allocate those additional PD funds the Committee deems appropriate on or before the last working day of March each year.
4.3 In the event the application is to support research items, the applicant will be asked to justify the use of other available research funds (e.g., Individual Internal Research Grant).
4.4 There is no individual cap set on APDF per applicant. The Committee shall consider each application in relation to the Professional Development Plan (PDP) policy. The Committee shall also consider each application in relation to others it has received. The Committee shall normally prioritize applications for travel to conferences at which the applicant is participating formally.
4.5 Academic staff members who apply for APDF may request reimbursement for costs already incurred and/or a budget allocation for anticipated expenses within the same fiscal year.