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Tristanne Connolly
Tristanne Connolly
Associate Professor
Department of English

PhD, King's College, University of Cambridge

MA, McMaster University

BA Honours, McMaster University




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I’m originally from Hamilton, and I did my BA and MA at McMaster, majoring in English with a minor concentration in Religious Studies for both degrees. As an undergraduate I fell in love with medieval literature, especially Old English, and had already long been more than half in love with Romantic poetry, so I decided to do one graduate degree on each. My MA thesis was on medieval dream visions, and I pursued my PhD in British Romantic literature at King's College, Cambridge, where I was an acolyte in the beautiful Gothic chapel. I wrote my dissertation on William Blake’s central image, “the human form divine”.


I came to St Jerome’s University in 2004, after being Assistant Professor at Butler University in Indiana, and before that, Instructor at Auburn University in Alabama. At those universities, I taught both composition and literature courses, and enjoyed the opportunity to include a broad range of texts, from the Vedas to The Getaway. At St. Jerome’s University the courses I teach include Sex and Marriage in Literature, and Editing Literary Works, as well as Literature of the Romantic Period, and the Jane Austen course. I supervise graduate students working on Romantic-era texts and/or the relations between gender, sexuality, medicine, and writing. I also get to indulge in Canadian literature here, as I’m a poetry editor for The New Quarterly, and I co-organize the Reading Series at St. Jerome’s University.


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Beastly Blake, co-edited with Helen P. Bruder. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

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"Human grapes in the wine-presses: vegetable life and the violence of cultivation in Blake's Milton." Wild Romanticism, ed. Markus Poetzsch and Cassandra Falke. Routledge, 2021.


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Connolly, Tristanne. "The Eternal Lettuce." VALA: The Journal of the Blake Society, no. 3: 89-92. (2022).


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“A Net We Throw Over the World: An Interview with Steve Noyes” The New Quarterly 141 (Winter 2017).

“Falling In Love with Bad Poetry” The New Quarterly 129 (Winter 2013).


University of Manchester Research Networking Fund Grant for international collaboration in Tokyo on Eighteenth-Century Literature and Medicine (2013)
CIHR Operating Grant, “City Life and Well-Being: The Grey Zone of Health and Illness”. Primary investigator: Alan Blum (2006-2011)
Government of Canada Department of Foreign Affairs Cultural Personalities Exchange Program grant for lecture tour of Japan (2006)
St. Jerome’s University Faculty Research Grant (2005, 2012)
IODE War Memorial Postgraduate Scholarship (1998-1999)
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (1995-1997, declined; 1998-1999)
Commonwealth Scholarship (1995-1998)


Corresponding Fellow, The English Association (2016-present)
Visiting Fellow, Institute of American and Canadian Studies, Sophia University, Tokyo (2009-present)
Visiting Scholar, Department of Contemporary Literary Studies, University of Tokyo (2007, 2008)



Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Waterloo (2010)


ENGL 200A: English Literatures 1

ENGL 200B: English Literatures 2

ENGL 208N: Sex in Literature

ENGL 305B: The Age of Beowulf

ENGL 325/WS 325: Austen

ENGL 371: Editing Literary Works

ENGL 430A: Literature of the Romantic Period 1

ENGL 430B: Literature of the Romantic Period 2

ENGL 725: Studies in Romanticism [Topic: The (Non-)Human in Blake’s Visual and Verbal Texts]


British Romantic literature and culture (especially poetry)

William Blake

Erasmus Darwin

Gender and sexuality

Medical writing and illustration

Literature and science

Religion and literature


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.


Series editor, with Steve Clark and Jason Whittaker, Pop Music, Culture and Identity book series, Palgrave Macmillan (2012-present)
Advisory board member, Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly (2011-present)



St. Jerome’s University
Chair, English Department (2015-2018)
President, Academic Staff Association (2015-2017, 2018)
Grievance Officer, Academic Staff Association (2013-2014)
Treasurer, Academic Staff Association (2009)
Liaison for The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers and Writing literary magazine (2007-2016)
Co-organizer of The Reading Series (2006-present)


University of Waterloo
Member, Undergraduate Committee, English Department (2007-2010)
Senator, Senate Council (2006-2010)
Member, Undergraduate Affairs Group, (2005-2006; 2008-2010)
Member, Eighteenth-Century and Nineteenth-Century British Literature Graduate Field Examination Committees (2005-present)


Editorial board member (Poetry), The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers and Writing (2007-present)