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Susan Dianne Brophy
Susan Dianne Brophy
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology & Legal Studies

PhD, York University

MA, Carleton University

BA, Carleton University


Website: uwaterloo.ca/scholar/s3brophy
SH 2009

My interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research in Legal Studies draws on political theory, philosophy, history, and political economy.


Current research:
•    law, capitalism, and colonialism


Ongoing research:
•    uneven and combined development as dialectical materialist methodology
•    liberal democratic state law and authority
•    politico-legal subjectivity
•    continental philosophy (Kant, Marx, Agamben)
•    anticolonialist methodology and analysis (Fanon)
•    idealist vs. materialist approaches to law


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LS 101: Introduction to Legal Studies

ARTS 130: Inquiry and Communication [Topic: Law & Colonialism]

LS 386: Law and Violence

LS 401: Law, Culture, and Rights

LS 402: Legal Authority & Subjectivity

LS 431: Corporate Governance