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Ryan Touhey
Ryan Touhey
Associate Professor
Department of History

Chair, Department of History


PhD, University of Waterloo

Doctoral Fellowship, Jawaharlal Nehru University

MA, University of Ottawa

BA Honours, University of Ottawa




SH 2022
SJU Rearch Academic Director Ryan Touhey

The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.



Reassessing the Rogue Tory: Canadian Foreign Relations in the Diefenbaker Era eds. by Janice Cavell and Ryan Touhey (UBC Press: Vancouver, 2018)


Conflicting Visions: Canada and India in the Cold War World 1946-1976 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2015)



"The Canada-India Relationship: A historical understanding of political discontent and diaspora" in India Migration Report 2024: Indians in Canada ed. by S. Irudaya Rajan (Routledge: New Delhi 2024)


"Canadian political leadership and the Korean War" in Canada and the Korean War: Histories and Legacies of a Cold War Conflict ed. by Andrew Burtch and Tim Cook (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2024)


"A Journey Without Maps: John Hadwen in India 1979–83"  in People, Politics, and Purpose: Biography and Canadian Political History ed. by Greg Donaghy and P. Whitney Lackenbauer (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2023)


“A one way street: The limits of Canada’s aid relations with Pakistan 1958-1972" in A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid 1950-2016 ed. by Greg Donaghy and David Webster (University of Calgary Press, 2019).


"Commonwealth Conundrums: Canada’s foreign relations with South Asia during the Pearson era" in Mike’s World: Lester Pearson and Canadian External Relations, 1963-1968 ed. by Asa McKercher and Galen Perras (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2017).


"Romanticism and Race: Escott Reid, the Department of External Affairs, and the sundering of Canada-India relations 1952-1957" in Dominion of Race: Rethinking Canada's International History ed. by Laura Madokoro, Francine McKenzie, and David Meren (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2017).


“Troubled from the beginning: Canada’s nuclear relations with India during the 1960s”, in Canadian Policy on Nuclear Cooperation with India: Confronting New Dilemmas ed. by Karthika Sasikumar and Wade L. Huntley, (Vancouver, BC: Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-proliferation Research, August 2007).


“Canadian and Indian Relations: A Historical Appreciation” in Canada’s Global Engagement and Relations with India ed. by Christopher Raj. New Delhi:  Manak Publishing House, 2006. (with John English)



Touhey, Ryan. "Queen Victoria's Statue Should Stay Right Where It Is." Op-Ed, Waterloo Region Record, 2022. https://www.therecord.com/opinion/queen-victoria-s-statue-should-stay-right-where-it-is/article_5c3bf292-3a4c-5d98-944f-020ee4e46f91.html


‘Dealing in Black and White: The Diefenbaker government and the Cold War in South Asia 1957-1963.  Canadian Historical Review: (Vol. 92, No. 3 September, 2011)


From periphery to priority: Lessons of the Canada-India relationship 1976-2009, International Journal, (Vol. 64, No. 4 Autumn 2009)


Canadian International Council Research Paper----Foreign Policy for Canadians No. 5 'A new direction for the Canada-India relationship' (Toronto: Canadian International Council, August 2009)


“Canada’s Foreign Relations with India at Sixty: Moving Beyond History?” International Journal, Vol. 62, No. 4 (Autumn 2007).



Canada’s Department of External Affairs Volume III: Innovation and Adaptation 1968-1984 eds. John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, Greg Donaghy in Canadian Historical Review Vol. 99, No. 3 (September 2018).


A Most Canadian Odyssey: Education Diplomacy and Federalism, 1844-1984 by John Allison in Historical Studies in Education Vol. 29, No. 2 (Autumn 2017)


H-diplo roundtable review of Ruth Brouwer’s Canada Global Villagers: CUSO in development 1961- 1986 UBC Press, 2013.  Review published October 2014

Review of Canada and the British Empire (The Oxford History of the British Empire, Companion Series), ed. by Phillip Buckner (Journal of World History Vol. 22, No. 1 March 2011)


Review of ‘An Independent Foreign Policy for Canada? Challenges and Choices for the Future’ eds. by Brian Bow and Patrick Lennox (International Journal Vol. 65, No. 1 Winter 2009-10)


Clio’s Warriors: Canadian Historians and the Writing of the World Wars by Tim Cook, Scientia Canadensis Vol. 31 No. 3 (Autumn 2008)


Book review essay Reflections on the silver age of Canadian diplomacy: The memoirs of three Canadian diplomats in the Journal of Canadian Studies. Review of Allan Gotlieb, The Washington Diaries 1981-1989; Derek Burney, Getting it Done: A Memoir; James Bartleman On Six Continents: A Life in Canada’s Foreign Service 1966-2002 and Roller Coaster: My Hectic Years as Jean Chrétien’s Diplomatic Advisor. (Vol. 42, No. 2 Spring 20)


The Middle Power Project: Canada and the Founding of the United Nations by Adam Chapnick, Quill and Quire/Canadian Book Review Annual. (January 2007)


Research Reports
Martin, Randall and Ryan Touhey, “Imagining Success: Canada-India Academic Relations.” Research report commissioned by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Published November 2008.

 “A Perspective on Canada-India Higher Educational Partnerships: Prospects and Obstacles,” by Ryan Touhey. Research report commissioned by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Published October 2008.

“Transcending the Past: A New Vision for Indo-Canadian Relations,” Preliminary Paper, Canadian International Council – Foreign Policy for Canada’s Tomorrow (July 2008). 8pp.

Canadian International Council Research Fellow, Project: A New Direction for the Canada-India Relationship (2008-2009)
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada post-doctoral fellowship (2007-2008)
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Doctoral Fellowship (2003-2004)
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Awards to Scholarly Publications Program (2017)
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Awards to Scholarly Publications Program (2014)
University of Waterloo/SSHRC Robert Harding Humanities and Social Sciences Small Grants Award (2011-2013)

HIST 254: Canada Since 1867: A New Nation

HIST 282: History of Modern South Asia 1750-2000

HIST 350: Canada and the Americas

HIST 389: Canada in World Affairs

HIST 391: Special Topics in History [Topic: Canada and the Cold War]

HIST 422: Special Topics in History

HIST 450: The History Capstone

HIST 601: Canadian History I


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.


Co-Guest editor of International Journal (Canada and Asia Vol. 64, No. 4 Autumn 2009)



St. Jerome's University

Chair, Department of History (2015-2021; 2022-present)

Member, Headley Essay Prize Committee (2016)

Member, Library Committee (2012-2014)

Member, Centre for Responsible Citizenship Committee (2013-present)

Research Officer (2009-2011)

Alternate undergraduate academic advisor (History) (2010-present)

Member, Research and Scholarship Committee (2009-2011)

Member, Library Committee (2009-2010)

Member, Social Committee (2008-2011)


University of Waterloo

Federated University and Colleges FUAC representative, Hagey Lectures Series (2011-present)

Vice President/Provost Search Committee, FUAC representative (2011)

Director, Chanchlani India Policy Centre (2011-present)

Member, Centre and Institutes Committee (2012-2013)