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Policies and Procedures: SJU Library Gifts and Donations
St. Jerome's University Library Gifts and Donations
Academic Operations Manual
Approving Authority: SJU Senate Council
Established: May 17, 2018
Date of Last Review/Revision: October 27, 2023
Office of Accountability: Vice President Academic and Dean
Administrative Responsibility: Librarian
1. Policy Statement
The St. Jerome’s University library receives gifts and donations to assist in the development of the library’s collection.
2. Scope
This policy applies to books and all other library materials that donors wish to give to the St. Jerome’s University library. This policy complements the St. Jerome’s University Library Collections policy. This policy excludes donations to the St. Jerome's University archives.
3. Guidelines for Gifts and Donations of Materials to the Library
The St. Jerome’s University library welcomes donations of books and other materials that support the current teaching and learning needs of the University.
3.1 Potential donors should contact the Librarian prior to bringing any gift materials to the library. The Librarian will determine the appropriateness of the materials to the collection.
3.2 The library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, cataloguing, use, and disposition of all gifts. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that ownership of the materials is permanently transferred to the library.
3.3 The library may accept or refuse all or part of a donation.
3.4 St. Jerome’s University may provide a tax receipt for cash gifts. Gifts-in-kind tax receipting will be reviewed on an individual basis. Any request for a tax receipt must be made in writing, addressed to the Librarian, prior to bringing any materials to the University. If a collection of materials meets the standards of the Library Collections policy, an independent third party will assess the financial value of the materials; the Librarian will communicate the results to the involved party or parties. The assessed financial value of the materials shall be included in the formal agreement between the University and the party or parties donating the materials (see 3.5).
3.5 The University and the party or parties donating materials shall sign a formal agreement outlining the terms of the gift or donation.