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Dr. Katherine Bergman

Katherine Bergman is the 7th President and Vice Chancellor of St. Jerome’s University.  The Board of Governors appointed Dr. Bergman effective August 1, 2012 recognizing her outstanding academic achievements and solid leadership skills. 


Working at St. Jerome’ s University is like coming home for Dr. Bergman, who grew up in Waterloo Region and received her Bachelor of Science in Honours Biology from the University of Waterloo.

Katherine received her Masters in Palaeontology and PhD in Sedimentology from McMaster University, where she was an NSERC post-doctoral fellow. Her academic career shifted to University of Regina in 1992 with an appointment as Assistant Professor, subsequently achieving the rank of Professor in 2001.


Previously, she served as Vice-President Academic and Research and Professor at Nipissing University (2010-2011), as well as Dean of Science (2001-2009), and Geology Professor, University of Regina (1992-2009).


Katherine's research interest is on the impact of relative sea level fluctuations on Devonian sedimentary deposits in the subsurface of southern Saskatchewan. These deposits provide a rare record of the transition of a basin from open-marine to sub-aerial sediments. The geologic history of these deposits is important for understanding the reservoir potential and the impact on potash distribution in the province of Saskatchewan.


During her tenure at University of Regina, she was appointed to increasing leadership roles from Assistant Dean to Dean of Science. In 2005 she also served as Special Advisor to the President for the establishment of their new collaborative Nursing Program with the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.


Building on her local roots, Katherine maintains close connections with St. Jerome’s University’s most important people: its students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Building community through active Rotary and Big Sisters participation and strengthening existing bonds with community partners is her primary goal.  In cooperation with the Board of Governors and stakeholders, she strives to further St. Jerome’s University’s mission, building on the strength of its past, the current momentum in teaching and research, with a view to our exciting future.