About Us
Objectives, Mission, Vision and Values
Two students walking and taking pictures along streets in Peru
2022 - 2027 Strategic Plan
  • To advance learning and disseminate knowledge in a manner consistent with Roman Catholic tradition and the honest pursuit of wisdom and understanding; and
  • To encourage the intellectual, spiritual, social, moral, and personal development of the members of the University community and the betterment of society consistent with the ideals of the contemporary Roman Catholic Church.
  • At St. Jerome's University we steward each student’s unique talents, nurture their ability to think critically, and inspire them to become life-long learners who seek knowledge and truth, act with compassion, and advocate for human dignity for all. We educate our students to become informed, courageous citizens who have the humility to work together for the common good and the courage to lead by example to build a more just society.
  • St. Jerome’s University is a public Roman Catholic university federated with the University of Waterloo and historically associated with the educational vision of the Congregation of the Resurrection. We are committed to learning and academic excellence; the gospel values of love, truth, and justice; and the formation of leaders for the service of the community and the Church. In all of our activities and practices, St. Jerome’s University functions within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition and the principles of academic freedom.
  • The Gospel values of love, truth, and justice
  • Enthusiasm for learning and discovery in the pursuit of truth
  • Collegial, compassionate leadership
  • Respect for human dignity, liberty and diversity
  • Inclusion and collaboration in working with others