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Myroslaw Tataryn
Myroslaw Tataryn
Professor Emeritus
Department of Religious Studies

Chair, Department of Religious Studies

Director of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship

Cross appointment to Department of History


ThD, St. Michael's College

MDiv, St. Michael's College

BA, University of Toronto




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My work as an academic is intimately interwoven with the rest of my life. I come from the context of an Eastern Catholic community (Ukrainian), I am a spouse and a father of three, and I am a cleric.  In my research I ask questions about the relationship between religious experience and culture; the applicability of Eastern Christian thought to the contemporary, Western context; and as a father of children with disabilities: I critically investigate the Christian tradition with a sensitivity to questions posed by disability studies. I firmly believe that by questioning ourselves deeply we become more authentic human beings and so, build more authentically human communities.


Research interests: Eastern Christian theology in the contemporary context; Eastern Christians in Canada; Trinitarian theology and disability; Kenosis and a re-visioning of ecclesiology.


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.



Discovering Trinity in Disability: A Theology for Embracing Difference, co-authored with Maria Truchan-Tataryn. (Novalis, 2013). U.S. edition published by Orbis Press, 2014 (2014 Catholic Press Association Book Award Winner.



“Gaudium et Spes.” In Dokumenty Druhoho Vatykanskoho Soboru (1962-1965) [Documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965): Constitutions, Decrees, Declarations, Commentaries], edited by M. Petrovycz, et al (Ukrainian Catholic University: Lviv, 2014). 495-499.


“Čo je vychodna katolicka teologia?” In Vybrane otazky a perspektivy teologie vo vychodnych cirkvach zjednotenych s Rimom [Selected Questions and Perspectives on the Theology in the Eastern Churches United with Rome], edited by Simon Marinčak. (Košice: Subor Študii, 2014). 475-487.


“Canada’s Ukrainian Catholics and Vatican II: A Guide for the Future or Struggling with the Past?” In Vatican II: Expériences canadiennes - Canadian Experiences, edited by Michael Attridge, Catherine Clifford and Gilles Routher. (Ottawa: U Ottawa Press, 2011). 239-252.



“Building an Orthodox Eco-Theology: Bulgakov’s Sophiology.” Sobornost’ 35:1-2 (2013) 52-63.


“The Eastern Catholic Churches and the paradox of Vatican II” International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 13 (2013) 83-95.


“Holiness and Healing: Rejoicing in our Creatureliness.” Logos 53:3-4 (2012) 287-298.


“Beyond Borders: Planting Seeds of Conscientization and Social Transformation” with Olena Huzar and Maria Truchan-Tataryn. International Journal of New Trends in Arts, Sports & Science Education 1 (2012) 231-239.




Eastern Christians in Anthropological Perspective. By Chris Hann and Hermann Goltz, eds. For Logos 53 (2012): 1-2, 118-120.


Modes of Religiosity in Eastern Christianity: Religious Processes and Social Change in Ukraine. By Vlad Naumescu. For Logos 51 (2010): 3-4, 407-411.


Conference presentations, public lectures, seminars

“Trinity and Disability” Trinity in an Age of Fluidity. Metropolitan Andrew Sheptystsky Institute Study Days, USMC, 2015.


“Vatican II’s Call to Renewal: Re-visiting Sheptytsky’s 1942 Initiative for Re-union.” The Vatican II Decree on the Eastern Catholic Churches. Orientalium Fifty Years Later. Sheptytsky Institute and University of St. Michael’s College. Toronto. 2014.


“Foundations for an Eastern Christian Theological Anthropology” Inaugural Lecture for Masters Program in Theological Anthropology. Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine. 2014.


“Disability, Justice, and Normalcy.” Peace and Justice Studies Association Annual Conference. 2013.


“What is Eastern Catholic Theology? – Twenty years later.” Faculty of Theology. Ukrainian Catholic University. Lviv, Ukraine. Faculty Seminar. 2012.


“Bringing to Life the Decree on Eastern Catholic Churches.” Lecture: Faculty of Theology. Ukrainian Catholic University. Lviv, Ukraine. 2012.


“The Eastern Catholic Churches and the Paradox of Vatican II: Constructing an Ecumenical Ecclesiology.” Vatican II: For the Next Generation. Ottawa, 2012.


“Beyond Borders: From Cross-cultural Sensitization to Social Transformation.” Higher Education in Ukraine. On the 25th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2012.


“Setting the Context.” Presentation at Diocesan Day of Reflection on “Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction.” Waterloo, 2012.


“Trinity, Iconography and the Eastern Churches.” President’s Seminar. Sacred Heart University, CT. Annually 2011-15.


“Beyond Borders: Planting Seeds of Conscientization and Social Transformation” with Olena Huzar and Maria Truchan-Tataryn. North Cyprus. 2011.


Paul Bator Award, Canadian Catholic Historical Association (2007)
Margaret Dutli, Professional & Community Service Award, St. Thomas More College (2002)
Gold Medal of the Governor General of Canada (1995)


RS 245/HIST 234: The Catholic Church in Canada

RS 240/HIST 235: History of Christianity

RS 283: Current Ethical Issues

RS 383: Justice, Peace, and Development

RS 398: Directed Readings in Special Subjects


Master of Catholic Thought
CT 606A:  Catholic Thought Research Paper or Project - Part I

CT 606B:  Catholic Thought Research Paper or Project - Part II


History of the Catholic Church

Eastern Christian Theology

Catholic Social Teaching


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.


Member, Canadian Association for Community Living, Task Force on Values and Ethics (2003-2007)
Convenor, Icons and Images: Inheriting a Tradition, Constructing a Tradition.  PCUH.  Saskatoon, SK. (2003)
Canadian Theological Society representative to CSSR (2001-2003)
Associate editor, Theology and Religious Studies (1999-2002)
Co-founder and associate, Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage (1997-2016)
Fellow, Ukrainian Church Studies Programme, CIUS (U. of Alberta) (1997-present)
Editorial Board of Theology and Religious Studies (1997-2010)
Book review editor, Logos (1996-2005)
Editorial Board of Logos (1991-2004)
Co-convenor of the University of St. Michael’s College Conference: “The Current Status of the Ukrainian Catholic Church” (1989)


Professor, Religious Studies and Theology, St. Jerome’s University, University of Waterloo (2005-present)
Vice-President and Academic Dean, St. Jerome’s University (2005-2011)
Interim President, St. Jerome’s University (2006-2007)
Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, St. Jerome’s University, University of Waterloo (2015-2018)


Numerous public presentations
Catholic Education Partnership: Information to Transformation Program