Living the Virtues in the Face of Homelessness

About the Lecture

The Working Centre found its roots serving the unemployed during the job crisis of the 1980's. 40 years later the flood of homelessness has changed the focus of the work. Joe and Stephanie have walked through these times searching for Common Work that serves the community. What are the practices that inspire commitment to service while the social conditions on the ground deteriorate? How does bureaucracy stand in contrast to the work that needs to be done? What practices help to hold virtues in the midst of secular culture? This talk will underline these questions that are integral to serving those most marginalized in our society.

Joe and Stephanie Mancini

Joe and Stephanie Mancini


Joe and Stephanie Mancini established The Working Centre in the spring of 1982 as they were completing university. They made a long-term commitment to develop a community-based response to unemployment and
poverty. Rooted in downtown Kitchener, the project areas of The Working Centre serve well over 1000 people each day, including employment and financial problem solving, meal production and distribution, St. John’s Kitchen and outreach, affordable and supportive housing, emergency shelters, and social enterprises. The 30 projects of The Working Centre operate out of 14 commercial buildings and multiplex houses.

Joe and Stephanie have been widely recognized for the creation of The Working Centre including the Benemerenti Medal from Pope Francis, the Order of Canada, and Honourary Doctorates from the University of Waterloo.

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 7:30pm
Notre Dame Chapel, SJ1 Classrooms and Library Building
Complimentary parking - accessible - refreshments served prior to the lecture.