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Chad Wriglesworth
Chad Wriglesworth
Associate Professor
Department of English

PhD, University of Iowa

MA, Portland State University

MA, Regent College, University of British Columbia

BA, Warner Pacific College




SH 2209
Associate Professor Chad Wriglesworth

Before coming to St. Jerome’s University, I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in English at Warner Pacific College and Portland State University, both located in Portland, Oregon. I then headed to University of British Columbia, and completed an interdisciplinary master’s degree in literature and theology at Regent College. These interests followed me to the University of Iowa, where I finished a PhD in twentieth-century American literature with an emphasis in religious thought and environmental humanities.

I teach courses in modern and contemporary American literature, as well as courses in genre studies and literary criticism. In Modern American Literature (ENGL 344), I encourage students to examine relationships between literary production and the turbulent history of the United States from 1900-1945, a period of artistry and reform that depicts people and places shaped by westward migration, the Great Depression, and international wars. In American Literature Since 1945 (ENGL 347), students explore how the civil rights movement, environmentalism, and feminism have been shaped by contemporary American writers. We also consider how postmodern styles of writing are used to remember and enact traumatic events such as the Vietnam War, indigenous colonization, and anxieties that come with living in exile. 


I am currently working on a couple of projects.  I’m editing a book of selected letters between Jane Kenyon, Alice Mattison, and Joyce Peseroff.  In addition, I’m also working on a book titled Geographies of Reclamation: Writing and Water in the Columbia River Basin. Using regional archives, environmental history, bioregional theory, and the geography of the watershed itself, I am mapping ways that prose and poetry written about the Columbia River Basin has shaped cultural attitudes, spiritual practices, and environmental policies in the Pacific Northwest for more than 150 years.  I also enjoy working as an Associate Editor for The Raymond Carver Review.


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The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.


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Amy Anderson and Chad Wriglesworth, "On Poetry and Faith in a Postmodern World," Regent College Podcast, 2017.


Paul Swanson and Chad Wriglesworth, "Wendell Berry & Gary Snyder are Distant Neighbors," Contemplify Podcast, 2018.


St. Jerome’s University, Faculty Research Grant (2017-2018)
University of Waterloo, Robert Harding Humanities and Social Sciences Award (2015-2017)
St. Jerome’s University, Faculty Research Grant (2015-2016)
St. Jerome’s University, Faculty Research Grant (2013-2014)
St. Jerome’s University, Faculty Research Grant (2012-2013)


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and American Council of Learned Societies, Early Career Fellowship Program, Recent Doctoral Recipient Fellowship (2009-2011)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and American Council of Learned Societies, Early Career Fellowship Program, Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2009-2010)
Center for Columbia River History, James B. Castles Fellowship (2008-2009)                                                
Texas Tech University, Formby Research Fellowship (2008-2009)                                                                                                      
University of Iowa Newman Center, Catholic Studies Research Fellowship (2005-2006)        



Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Award for Teaching Excellence. Co-recipient with Norm Klassen (2018)
University of Waterloo, Federation of Students Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2018)
Evangelical Press Association, Best Interview Award for “We Are Still Near the Beginning:  A Conversation with Wendell Berry” (2016)
University of Waterloo, Federation of Students Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2014)
University of Iowa, W.R. Irwin Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008)


ENGL 100C: Drama
ENGL 201: The Short Story
ENGL 248: Literature for an Ailing Planet
ENGL 251: Literary Theory and Criticism 

ENGL 251B: Criticism 2

ENGL 324: Modern and Contemporary American Drama

ENGL 332: Topics in Creative Writing [Topic: Writers on Creative Writing]
ENGL 344: Modern American Literature
ENGL 347: American Literature Since 1945
RS 291: The Sacramental Imagination (Special Topics, co-taught with Dr. Norm Klassen)

ENGL 486: Topics in Literatures Modern to Contemporary [Topic: Contemporary American Poetry]

CT 613: The Catholic Imagination in Art and Literature

ENGL 760: Minds at Work: Marilynne Robinson and Cormac McCarthy (Graduate Course)
ENGL 785: Environmental Criticism (Graduate Course)


Modern and Contemporary American Literature
Literature and Theology
Environmental Humanities
American Poetry and Poetics
Native American Literature
Literature and the American West


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the Faculty member’s work.


Associate Editor, The Raymond Carver Review
Editorial Board, Archivation Exploration, Texas Tech University
Advisory Board, University of Nevada Press, Waterscapes: History, Cultures, and Controversies


St. Jerome's University
Chair, Department of English (2018-2021)