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2022 - 2027 Strategic Plan
Strategic Planning Process:

January 2021: Obtained the services of Dr. Rebecca Sutherns at Sage Solutions, an independent consulting 
firm which has facilitated strategic planning for several large non-profits, universities, philanthropic organizations, and various levels of government.

February 2021: Assembled the Strategic Plan Steering Committee consisting of members of the senior administration, staff, faculty, contract academic staff, and Board of Governors:

    • Peter Meehan, President and Vice Chancellor 
    • Mary Ellen Cullen, Chair, Board of Governors, and
    • Michael Pautler, Board of Governors
    • Cristina Vanin, Interim Vice President Academic and Dean
    • Carol Ann MacGregor, Vice President Academic and Dean
    • Mike Gourlay, Executive Director, Finance and Administration
    • Sue Brubacher, Director, Enrolment and Upper-Year Transitions
    • Jane Nicholas, Associate Professor, Department of History
    • Ryan Devitt, Contract Academic Staff, Department of English
    • Katrina Kaczala, Executive Assistant, Office of the President
    • Tracy MacDonald, Operations and Project Coordinator 

Phase 1
Environmental Scan & Stakeholder Engagement (Winter 2021):

With Dr. Sutherns, the Steering Committee reviewed comparative research to increase the group’s understanding of strategic planning within the Canadian university sector, specifically similar-sized and value-based institutions.

The Steering Committee engaged in informal meetings with key stakeholders internal and external to the University to gather information on areas of focus they would like to see within a new strategic plan. 

Various key stakeholders were invited to attend one of three 2-hour listening sessions hosted and facilitated by Dr. Sutherns to gather content that helped guide the creation of the Strategic Plan goals and objectives.

Sixty participants joined the listening sessions with attendance consisting of members of the Board of Governors, Senate Council, students, alums, staff, faculty, contract academic staff, and other community members. 

Feedback was additionally collected from the Board of Governors through a session facilitated by Dr. Sutherns. 
Phase 2
Creating the Plan (Winter – Spring 2021):

Considering the insights from community members who provided feedback, the Steering Committee engaged in three 2-hour workshops to develop draft strategic priorities, goals, and objectives.
Phase 3
Strategy Validation & Refinement (Spring – Fall 2021):

Using the workshops’ strategic priorities, goals, and objectives, the Steering Committee worked in small groups to refine and develop a draft Strategic Plan. 

Feedback on the draft Strategic Plan was collected through a community survey and meetings with community stakeholder groups including the Board of Governors, Senate Council, Administrative Leadership Group, SJU Students’ Union, and the SJU Assembly.

All feedback was reviewed and taken into consideration in revising and finalizing the Strategic Plan. 
Phase 4
Roll-out & Progress Tracking (Winter 2022 - 2027):

On April 7, 2022, the final Strategic Plan was approved by the SJU Board of Governors, following which it was 
presented to the rest of the University community. To track the progress of the Strategic Plan and maintain 
accountability, the President and University leadership team will deliver regular reports and presentations to 
the Board and University community, including: 
  • A midterm update and final annual report to the Board of Governors regarding the year’s progress towards achieving the plan.
  • An Annual General Report to the University’s community and partners which will include a review of the previous year. 
  • Periodic updates given to various internal community bodies including at the SJU Assembly and Senate Council.