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Andrew Stumpf
Andrew Stumpf
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy

Acting Director, Master of Catholic Thought

Acting Director, Human Sciences Program

ThD (ABD), St. Michael's College/University of Toronto
MTS, Conrad Grebel University College
PhD, University of Waterloo
MA, University of Waterloo
BA, St. Jerome's University/University of Waterloo


SH 2109
Assistant Professor Andrew Stumpf

I am interested in pretty much everything, but my current teaching and research focuses on ethical theory and its application in the domains of health care and business. My graduate work in Philosophy (MA, PhD) gravitated toward the metaphysical underpinnings of ethics, in the sense that I was trying to understand what it means to be a human person, since knowing what is good for human persons surely depends on knowing what human persons are. I am interested in such questions (among others) not only as they are considered by contemporary scholars, but also as they have been treated by the great thinkers of the past. For this reason my attention has also consistently been drawn to the study of the history of Philosophy.


Toward the end of my PhD program in Philosophy I started a ten year period (2008-2018) teaching close to a full-time load of undergraduate Philosophy courses on a contractual basis at the University of Waterloo and St. Jerome’s University. I taught a very broad range of subjects in History of Philosophy, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy and Culture. During that decade I also continued to study the foundations of ethics from a theological perspective in the MTS program at Conrad Grebel College and then in the ThD program at St. Michael’s College in Toronto. Teaching and studying, combined with a lot of volunteer work on campus and in my church community, and raising four children together with my wife Jennifer, made this an exceedingly busy time!


Still, in those years I managed to publish an article on Leibniz’s metaphysics, to author a first book on Ancient Philosophy (to be published in fall 2018) and to co-author a second book on Business Ethics. I also developed a new course for the University called “Ethics of End-of-Life Care,” a topic I have become increasingly passionate about. I look forward to working with other scholars in the coming decades to find innovative ethical solutions to the social crisis of an aging population. As I begin a definite term appointment as Assistant Professor at St. Jerome’s University this fall, I am planning a number of research projects surrounding end-of-life care, and will also be seeking to turn my ThD thesis (on the role of the Holy Spirit in ethics) into a book.



Ancient Philosophy: A Companion to the Core Readings. Broadview Press. To be published in December 15, 2018.

With a Clear Conscience: Making Ethical Decisions in the Workplace (co-author). Under contract with Top Hat. To be published in fall of 2018.


"Harmonizing Leibniz’s Ontology", Dialogue 51(3): 467-483. September, 2012.



Letson Teaching Award,  St. Jerome’s University (2018)

Dr. Sam and Dr. Dorris Lau Scholarship, St. Michael’s College (2013-2018)

Valedictorian, Conrad Grebel University College (2012)

James Reimer Scholarship, Conrad Grebel University College (2010-2011)

Faculty of Arts Graduate Merit Award, University of Waterloo (2008)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) (2007-2008)

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) – Doctoral (2004-2007)


PHIL 100J: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 145: Critical Thinking
PHIL 215: Professional and Business Ethics
PHIL 226: Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 283/CLAS 261: Great Works: Ancient & Medieval
PHIL 319J: Ethics of End-of-Life Care


Commentator, Canadian Philosophical Association, Philosophy of Religion Division (2012)
Referee, Canadian Philosophical Association, Metaphysics Division (2011, 2009)
Referee, Canadian Philosophical Association, History of Philosophy Division (2010)
Commentator, Western Canadian Philosophical Association, Epistemology (2009)
Treaurer, Philosophy Graduate Students Association (GSA), University of Waterloo (2006-2007)
Board Member, Editor, Eidos: Canadian Graduate Journal of Philosophy (2003-2006)
Conference Organizer, Philosophy Graduate Students Conference, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario (2005)


St. Jerome's University
Member, Bargaining Team, Academic Staff Association (2017-2018)
CAS Liaison, Academic Staff Association (2014-2015)
Values Working Group (2013-2014)