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Rhea Ashley Hoskin
Rhea Ashley Hoskin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies / Department of Sociology and Legal Studies, University of Waterloo


PhD, Queen's University (Kingston)

MA, Queen's University (Kingston)

BAH, Trent University (Peterborough)


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Headshot of Rhea Ashley Hoskin

I am an interdisciplinary feminist sociologist. My work focuses on Critical Femininities, Femme Theory, and femmephobia. Specifically, I examine perceptions of femininity and sources of prejudice rooted in the devaluation or regulation of femininity. I am an AMTD Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellow, an incoming SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, a former Ontario Women's Health Scholar, and recipient of the 2019 Governor General’s Gold Medal from Queen’s University.


Selected publications. For a full list visit https://www.ashleyhoskin.ca/publications


Hoskin, R.A., & Blair, K.L. (Eds). (2022). Critical Femininities. Routledge.


Hoskin, R.A. (Ed.) (2021). Feminizing Theory: Making Space for Femme Theory. Routledge.


Hoskin, R.A. (2020). “Femininity? It’s the aesthetic of subordination”: Examining femmephobia, the gender binary, and experiences of oppression among sexual and gender minorities. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 49(7), 2319-2339.


 Hoskin, R.A. (2019). Can femme be theory? Exploring the epistemological and methodological possibilities of femme. Journal of Lesbian studies. Online First.


 Hoskin, R.A., & Taylor, A. (2019). Femme resistance: The fem(me)inine art of failure.  Psychology & Sexuality, 10(4), 281-300.


 Hoskin, R.A. (2019). Femmephobia: The role of anti-femininity and gender policing in LGBTQ+ people’s experiences of discrimination. Sex Roles, 81, 686-703.


Selected Grants, Fellowships, and Awards. For a full list visit https://www.ashleyhoskin.ca/rahcv


SSHRC Insight Development Grant

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

AMTD Global Talent Postdoctoral Award

Ontario Women’s Health Postdoctoral Award

Governor General’s Gold Medal

SSHRC Connection Grant

Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition Fund

Canadian Soroptimist Grants for Women

SSHRC CGS Doctoral Award



Sociology of gender, Critical Femininities, Femme Theory, gender-based violence, intersectional analyses, sexual and gender diversity, gender and power, violence, prejudice and discrimination, feminist theory, queer theory, social inequality, femininities, femme, femme identities, femmephobia, anti-femininity, fashion and aesthetics.


Selected Professional, Administrative, and Community Services. For full list see https://www.ashleyhoskin.ca/rahcv


Associate Editor, Psychology & Sexuality

Co-Founder, LGBTQ Psychology Canada, a non-profit organization supporting LGBTQ scholarship.

Co-Founder & Co-chair, Preaching to the choir: An international LGBTQ conference

Treasurer, Section for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues, Canadian Psychological Association

Secretary, Section for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues, Canadian Psychological Association 

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Editorial Board MemberJournal of Lesbian Studies

Editorial Board MemberFat studies: An International Journal of Body Weight & Society